Green touch for your walls

Green touch for your walls

Moss tiles have the unique ability to exist by harvesting the moisture present in your home and need no direct sunlight.

Green touch for your walls

In our cement and steel corporate lifestyles today, greenery is becoming a rare commodity. Where beautification of workspaces are mostly centred around either use of glass or colours, bringing the outdoors inside is the rage right now. Even people living in high-rises find it hard to create green corners in their limited spaces. While offices with bigger spaces can conceptualise green terraces, vertical gardening has caught everybody’s attention currently.

Adding gorgeous greenery to your interior environment in the home or office just got a whole lot easier with the ingenious living moss tiles. Like a living wallpaper or even art, these tiles will brighten up your space with living plants.

Available in beautiful shades to match any interior colour scheme, moss tiles are your perfect option for adding some drama to your home. Virtually maintenance-free – needs no watering, fertilising or even direct sunlight – these tiles maintain their lush appearance themselves and rely only on ambient humidity for their existence.
An extremely appealing and practical method devised specially for interiors, moss tiles are suited for those who appreciate greenery and admire plants, but are too caught up in their daily routine to give them the attention they demand. They can be used alone or in combination with other plants, too. 

You can spruce up your space with these tiles in unique ways. You can configure to your heart’s desire when it comes to these beauties. These modular tiles can be placed in any configuration, as a pattern, as a whole wall or in shapes of square, circle and rectangle, whether single or multiple.

Experiment with varied geometricpatterns for an eccentric appeal or mix one or more of the various colours to create a moss painting of your own. The design possibilities are infinite. These moss tiles turn the gardens in on their side and make ‘green’ a magnificent texture or finish as a living material. They are much more engaging than potted plants.
How it worksFor starters, you can have them installed in your living area, garden, kitchen or bathrooms. One can even use them as blocks of tiles in kitchens, for storage backs in bathrooms. In offices, they can be used in reception area, the cafeteria, conference rooms or even the bathrooms. It will stand out on a ceiling as well.

Moss tiles have the unique ability to exist on the moisture in your home or office and can harvest enough water from the atmosphere to live, grow and thrive. The lichen is collected without any damage to vegetation and then, after an accurate selection, applied by hand on its support. Shades are a characteristic of the product and are to be considered as a quality feature and guarantee of its natural origin. The slight aroma of undergrowth is typical. As for any natural products, a slight tone variation in the course of time is to be considered as normal.

They are made after much study to obtain visually homogeneous green walls by laying several tiles together. It has an aluminium support, painted in a dark colour, which is light, resistant, immune to rising damp, easy to lay and already finished on the sides. In order to preserve it, it is necessary to keep a minimum of 50 per cent moisture rate in the room.

In case moisture decreases below this level, it is necessary to re-establish it as soon as possible without watering the product for any reason. If this dry situation endures, it is recommended not to touch the lichen because it tends to become fragile when dry. When the moisture rate is re-established, the lichen gets back to its original softness.

Points to remember
Do not expose moss tiles to direct sunlight or heat sources as that will dry it up.
Do not step on or ingest lichen even if it has been processed with non-toxic

Its quick and easy installation includes only some screws and a strong cutter.
It is purely decorative and it does not interact with the surrounding environment at all.
Some moss tiles come in fireproof variants, which do not create any toxic reactions and has no bacterial substances, making it the ideal solution for your indoor garden dreams.

(The author is owner and creative director at Studio Creo)