Remains of the day

Remains of the day

Litter mess

Remains of the day

Though various anti-littering campaigns have managed to catch the eyes of people, there are still many who do not know the basic ethics of cleanliness. The area around Cubbon Park stands testament to this — the recent IPL matches in the City have drawn fans to litter here, leaving it a mess. 

The aftermath of the well-awaited matches is a scene to behold — plastic bottles, food boxes, tin cans and plastic covers lie helplessly amidst the lush green trees and bushes. 

The BBMP don’t seem very keen on placing public dustbins around the stadium, so most of the spectators who swarm the stadium in huge numbers do not think twice before throwing a bottle or cup on the pavements. 

Although there are a few dustbins on the footpaths of MG Road, little care is taken in clearing the garbage and cleaning the bins regularly. 

Sharnya Govindaraj, studying at Christ University, says, “I think the best alternative would be to make sure there are enough spots to throw the litter and most importantly, advertise for the same during the matches. This way, people will listen and be conscious of littering.” 

But even the availability of dustbins doesn’t stop people from littering carelessly. And when the garbage is eventually cleared up, after days of floating around the roads, the collectors tend to pile it up on road dividers or vacant sites, which is left untouched for more days. 

Not only does this waste give the City an unkempt look, but it’s also more hazardous than we realise (or care to admit).

 In the end, it comes down to spreading awareness and enforcing simple yet strict laws for the benefit of a clean surrounding at all times. 

Harsha Vardhan, an engineering student, says, “Even though the stadium has dustbins they fill up really quickly so it doesn’t meet the crowd to waste ratio. The authorities don’t care about where people are littering so there must be stricter rules for this. Fines and bans would solve a huge part of this everlasting problem in our city.” 

Some think that the celebrity quotient surrounding IPL might help solve the problem. 

Rahul Ravi, a student of Christ University, adds, “Most die-hard cricket fans agree with just about anything their idols say or propagate. Since the people in stadiums will consist of mainly such fans, announcements at the stadium by the players could urge fans not to litter.”