A dream comes true

A dream comes true

High scorer

A dream comes true

Sanjay V Gorur, a graduate of VVS Sardar Patel College, is a boy of few words but he let his actions do the talking. The proof of it lies in the second year Pre-University results that were announced recently.

With an overall 99 per cent marks and 100 per cent in Physics and Mathematics, it is difficult to believe when Sanjay says that he started preparing only from the last week of February for his PU exams. “It takes no special effort to study. Moreover, I had joined BASE and sat through the coaching classes for the IIT examinations. So preparing for PUC was comparatively easy. I am currently preparing for the IITJEE Advanced examinations. I will decide which course I want to study once the results of IIT-JEE Advanced are announced,” he says in a composed voice. 

He recalls that he maintained a balanced emotion even when he saw his results. “My mom went berserk and started calling up all my relatives but I was very calm. I didn’t expect such high scores as it’s not always possible to secure top marks in languages. Scoring in languages is like winning a lottery.” 

As for his other activities, he plays basketball and football and didn’t compromise on anything. “All my friends belong to the ‘nerd’ category, just like me,” he laughs. “All of us worked hard throughout the year and we never went out much.” He adds, “I would like to advise the ones preparing for PUC exams to study the subject that they are interested in.

A common misconception that exists in many youngsters is that they feel they have an aptitude for science because they get a high score in their tenth standard board exams. However, they end up performing badly in PUC. Hence, before taking up their subject, they should measure their aptitude and interests.” His mother, Veena BN, is extremely proud of him and says that she sacrificed her interests for her son. “I did not go out of the house much and spent most of my day with him at home. We disconnected the cable from our television. My mother-in-law also supported him a lot.”

She adds that the PUC results have given him a lot of confidence. “Sanjay likes to study in a silent atmosphere. He starts studying by 10 pm in the night till 5 am in the morning. As parents, we didn’t force him to take up science. We are happy with whichever subject he chooses to study.”