Protests over flaws in PU results continue; DPUE non-commital

Last Updated 21 May 2015, 19:04 IST
Protests by parents and students against the anomalies in the II PU exam results announced on Monday continued on Thursday.

Hundreds of them gathered near the Department of Pre University Education (DPUE) office shouting slogans against the department. While a few students had tears rolling down their eyes in disapproval of the marks they had scored, a few others were red-eyed against the apathy of the officials. Students who had come near the board as early as 9 am refused to leave till late in the afternoon despite efforts by the police to send them away.

A few students complained that the marks displayed on 10 websites authorised by the DPUE were different, while a few others alleged that they were marked absent even though they had attended the examination. Interestingly, some of the students have got marks less than the grace marks awarded by the department.

“How can someone score just six marks in Maths while the grace marks awarded by the board is nine? We were told that we should have attempted to answer the questions to get grace marks. When the question itself is wrong, how can they expect students to work on it,” questioned a student.

Another query raised by parents, that went unanswered, was whether the supplementary exam fee would be re-funded, if the student cleared a paper after revaluation. 

The last date for applying for supplementary examination is May 27. However, students can apply for photocopies of their papers till May 25 and the last date to apply for re-totalling is May 30. 

The students submitted a memorandum to the director. They sought more clarity on the evaluation process, grace marks, the high fee charged for photocopies and revaluation.

A copy of the same marked to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said, “If anything happens to the student, you will be held responsible along with the PU Board (DPUE) as we have brought this matter to your notice” it read.

DPUE Director Sushama Godbole chose to meet only a handful of parents. They urged the director to slash the fees for the photocopies of the papers and revaluation. However, Godbole only dodged the issue, saying that it would be thought about. To get photocopy of each paper, students have to shell out Rs 504, while it is Rs 1,200 for revaluation.  
Concession sought

JD(S) leader H D Kumarasw­amy has demanded that the government must give a concession in revaluation fees to be paid by students.

Kumaraswamy said that the government must immediately convene a meeting of the PU Board officials and the aggrieved.

The former chief minister opened Facebook and twitter accounts on Thursday to express his views on the controversy. He tweeted that the government should not play with the lives of students. He is scheduled to visit the PU Board at 11 am on Friday.


My daughter has scored as high as 28 and 29 in practical examinations. How can such a girl score in single digit in theory exam?
Narasimhaiah, parent

I do not come from a well to do family. How can someone expect me to shell out Rs 500 just for a photocopy? The fee for revaluation is much higher than the college fee.
Shwetha, commerce student

This is not new to us. We came across a similar situation even last time. Out of 19,000-plus students who had applied for revaluation, only 700 had benefited.
Suresh Tunga, assistant director, exams, DPUE

(Published 21 May 2015, 19:03 IST)

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