Getting electrified... literally!

Getting electrified... literally!


Getting electrified... literally!

The contestants on the show.

Last week saw the most unexpected vote out on Roadies so far, leaving a lot of open wounds for the next episode. Meghna got voted out when it was least expected.

This week, the participants need to build their own raft for the money task. At the back waters of Kerala, they have Rs 50,000 at stake as the two tribes struggle to build a stronger raft. While the Red Indians emerge as a strong tribe, the Green Mambas lose all hope. As usual, immunity doesn’t come easy, so following tradition, the immunity task is definitely daunting. This time, the tribes have to face electric shocks to gain their immunity.

Multi-faceted actress

Every actor can lip sync, but there are very few, who can actually croon for songs  and one such beautiful lady is Manjari Fadnis. Everyone has seen her acting prowess in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa, but very few people know that the Marathi Mulgi is a trained classical singer. She has been learning music since a very young age and was one of the finalists in ‘Channel V’ popstars. But thankfully, the silver screen beckoned.

Nonetheless, she still uses that talent of hers and has sung a song in her recent Southern project, which has become a huge hit. Well we guess, the days of Geeta Bali are back, where we are not only going to see beauties on screen, but are also getting to hear their beautiful voices. We hope Manjari sings for her Hindi films soon too.