Traffic training for schoolchildren

Traffic training for schoolchildren

Corporation and government school students kept away

Traffic training for schoolchildren

 Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari interacting with students during the launch of the traffic awareness campaign for schoolchildren in Bangalore on Friday. DH photoPapa drive slow, keep to the left… Don't drink and drive…
“When schoolchildren advise their parents regarding road safety, then our goal is reached,” said DCP Traffic (East) B A Muthanna even as a group of children enthusiastically took part in traffic training at the traffic park on St Mark’s Road. Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari and his wife inaugurated the Bangalore City Traffic police traffic awareness campaign on Friday.

Addressing the gathering, Bidari said, “Last year, we educated around 1.5 lakh children and this year we are sure to cover five lakh. Plans are on to increase the number of traffic wardens from 1,000 to 2,500. At least two faculty members will be absorbed as wardens. Apart from educating children, we have started training sessions for autorickshaw drivers and gradually, BMTC and HTV drivers will also be inducted.”

The innovation lies in the practical driving course conducted at the traffic park which has makeshift road signs and practice hand signals.

The point is to begin early and educate children about positive driving etiquette, said Praveen Sood, Additional commissioner (Traffic).

However, the police department had failed to invite corporation and government schoolchildren for the event. Only convent schools were entertained and this once again was a point of discussion among the public and the media.

When asked, a senior police officer said that their focus was on children aged between 10 and 14 years and added: “Today, we could not invite government schools but they are surely on our list.”