Traffic diversions on Republic Day

Everyone attending the parade are requested not to bring mobile phones, cameras, radio, umbrella or any other equipment to the ground due to security reasons. Participants should be seated before 8.30 am.

*Invitees with yellow car passes should come to Cubbon Road and enter Gate 1 facing northern side of the parade ground and park their vehicles on the western side.

*Invitees with white car passes and government secretaries, military officers and police officers should use Gate 2 (Cubbon Road in front of military supply depot) and park their vehicles on north eastern side of parking lot inside the parade ground.

*Invitees with pink pass should park their vehicles at B R V Police Parade Ground (entry to the ground is through MG Road) and come to parade ground through Gate 3 by walk.

*Green car pass holders should park their vehicles on Kamaraja and Main Guard Cross Road and enter the parade ground through Gate 4 by walk.

*All vehicles carrying participants should enter through Gate 3. The vehicles should be parked behind the fort wall inside the parade ground (southern side).

*All government vehicles should enter the parade ground from Gate 3 and park their vehicles behind the participant’s vehicles (southern side).

*All two-wheelers should be parked on Kamaraja Road northern side. The motorists can enter through Gate 3 on Kamaraja road by walk.

*Those who do not have car passes can park their vehicles on Kamaraja road parking area and enter through Gate 3 on Kamaraja road by walk.

Traffic movement will be diverted from 8 am to 10.30 am from BRV Junction to Kamaraj Road Junction on Cubbon Road.

*Vehicles coming from CTO Circle to Manipal Centre on Cubbon road can take left turn on Central Street at BRV Junction and move as follows: Central Street junction- right turn-Infantry Road-Safina Plaza - left turn-Main Guard Road-Allies Circle-Dispensary Road- Kamaraja Road and Dickenson Road junction-right turn-KR Road-K R Road junction-left turn-and Cubbon road on to Manipal Centre junction.

*Vehicles coming from Manipal junction to CTO junction on Cubbon road will take left turn at KR Road junction towards-Cauvery Art and Crafts Circle junction- right turn - MG Road-Anil Kumble Circle-right turn-BRV junction- left turn-and on to CTO Circle.

*Vehicles coming from Anil Kumble Circle to Cubbon Road will go straight on Central Street junction- right turn-Infantry road-Safina Plaza-left turn-Main Guard Road-Allies Circle-Dispensary Road-Kamaraja Road and Dickenson road junction-right turn-KR Road junction- left turn-and Cubbon Road on to Manipal Centre junction.

*The vehicles coming from Cauvery Arts and Craft Circle on MG Road to Cubbon Road and KR Road junction can go straight on MG Road towards Anil Kumble junction-right turn- BRV junction-left turn-Cubbon Road and on to CTO Circle on.

B’ghatta Park open on Jan 26

Bannerghatta Biological Park will be open to public on January 26, Tuesday, despite it being a weekly holiday, as a special gesture for Republic Day.

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