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Do Mysore Police really believe in PPP?
Sir, it was puzzling to read your report “PPP is the mantra for 2010” on the new policy of Mysore Police. While we applaud the award given to police commissioner of Mysore, Sunil Agarwal for his outstanding performance, we are surprised by the undemocratic ways of his subordinates while dealing with the public as described below.   Recently in Mysore a frenzied crowd felled 32 trees along Lalit Mahal Road. The police were mute spectators, as reported in your paper along with photos. It took more than a week for his police department to book cases against the culprits and that too after the pressure exerted by the civil society.

When the leading NGO of the city Mysore Grahakara Parishat planned to organize mourning for those butchered trees, the police department in high handed manner threatened to block such efforts. In the event MGP cancelled the event in the last minute lest they be taken into custody.

Actually the main goal of the NGO was to support the police in their difficult task of upholding the rule of law by holding such an innovative “sathyagraha”. Forest department was looking forward to participate in this program and plant trees where they had been felled.

 It is this type of showing “raw power” by police and preventing the law abiders from exercising their democratic rights while allowing the violators of the rule of law a free hand raises the doubt about the new manthra of Mysore Police.

Bhamy V. Shenoy
Vivekanada Road
Yadavagiri, Mysore 570020

Make PAN mandatory for politicians too
With effect from April 01, 2010 the non –disclosure of PAN number shall result in higher tax rate for Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) for transactions liable to TDS. What about income tax refunds not issued to lakhs of assesses for last few years who have quoted rightly PAN numbers but because of fault of income tax department –TDS deducted is not matched as per their income tax returns .Why they are suffering on this account? Why income tax does not complete issuance of refunds through ECS for all income tax returns filed up to date i.e., for ending Financial year March 31, 2009 (Assessment Year 2009-10) and issue such a declaration in newspapers so that after completion of sending all refunds, those assesses who have not received their refund amount- not credited to their respective correct account, they can follow it with income tax department.

The Rule of PAN Numbers for general public is welcome but what about politicians? Still there are a good number of politicians who have no PAN number in spite of wealth of Crores of Rupees. How this wealth is accumulated? Has income tax department taken any steps to verify their annual incomes and accretions to wealth every year; have they filed their income tax returns?

All persons -politicians- seeking public mandate must have PAN. It must be compulsory to state PAN in their papers filed for elections for any seat in Central/ State/Local Administration. Those claiming income below taxable income must seek exemption certificate from the Income Tax Department. The tax information  should be published in major dailies-newspapers for public information and scrutiny. After all they wish to serve the public and not for accumulating wealth -as nowadays politics has become a business only!

M. Kumar                                      
Kolaba Chambers,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi 110 001

Inflation adds to common man’s woes
I express my humble prayer before the prime minister on behalf of the common man for the  food inflation that is growing to  9% level which has already made a hole in the purse of people as the prices of essential commodities such as pulses, sugar, potatoes and onions had reached heights leaving the common man in a unaffordable position to sustain their livelihood nevertheless the assurances by the government to the nation for steps being taken to control the inflation appears to be illusionary when still masses are facing the burnt of the rising prices. Another bad news in the weather is against the milk prices that is going to increase is incredible in India today. The prime minister and finance minister should give relief for the citizens from the escalation of rising prices perhaps restrain it in ensuing budget by transforming  words into deeds.

Syed Khaja
Old Rajender Nagar
New Delhi

Pledging body for medical science
Sir,  That Jyoti Basu was in reality a Marxist icon, whose principles and actions are to be reckoned with, is brought out amply by the fact that already more than 7,00,000 people in West Bengal alone, have pledged to donate their body for medical science!

The point here is one can imagine how if a political leader is really good, people do not hesitate to follow in their footsteps. It is hearteneing to note that among those who have pledged to donate their bodies are the present Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and former Lok Sabha speaker Somnath Chatterjee.

Another good quality of this great man was that though he was the chief minister of West Bengal for more than 23 years, he never ever even tried to bring his son into the limelight in the political field. How many of our ministers are like this?

So there is a lot to be learnt from great people like Jyoti Basu. May his soul rest in peace.

Ms. Kshama Shashidhar
CPC Layout, Ambalpady Post
Udupi 576 103.

Replacing ‘fail’ with ‘reappear’
Sir, This refers to the letter, "A substutute for 'fail' will not help students" by K V Seetharamaiah (January 22, 2010).

Sibstituting one word with another which means more or less the same may not provide any material benefit to the affected person. But it can in many cases have a soothing effect on the a minset and attutude of the affected person towards the incident.

The proposal by the Bangalore University to replace the word, 'fail' with 'to reappear' seems to be a well thought out idea and a welcome departure from an age old practice. It should be welcomed by the students in general. Mr. Seetharamaiah seems to have understood the proposal in a different context. It should be taken in the context of Bangalore University issuing Semester marks cards to the students, and not in the context of promotion to the next higher class.    

I would further suggest that while the word 'reappear' should replace the word, 'fail' in individual subject results, it should be 'to complete'  in the overall result column if a student has taken all the papers of an examination.

K K Cherian
God save us!
Sir, there are dark clouds passing by my eyes when I saw a tree that is being cut almost everyday near my house, not exactly because we lost a dominant, large, pure air providing tree but because on international level today countries are striving hard to bring the carbon level down and these people have no care about that! If this continues I am sure, if at all there will be no end in 2012, it will be, on one or the other day.
We have created already so many sins and continue the same then God can not repair it but simply replace it!!

Divya Khanure
Adarsh Nagar

Honesty  isn’t best policy any more
Those who built their houses on Govt land or private builders who violated the law could only have done so with the active connivance of officials concerned or even the patronage of powerful, influential people. Why do we not go after these corrupt officials as suggested by the judgement in the Madras High Court on a similar move planned by the Tamil Nadu Govt. If one can absolve themselves by 'bribing' the Govt - because that is what Sakrama-Akrama is all about- then why does not the officials who are corrupt and make money declare their ill gotten gains every month and pay a percentage to the Govt and bank the rest in their account? Why cannot a chain snatcher handover the chains to the Police and they be paid 10% of the value for having returned the chains and allowed to go scot free?

Govts have not allowed evenone case of a corrupt official caught by the Lok Ayukta to be prosecuted but instead have reinstated some of them on the very jobs where they made their money!  So this attempt by the ruling Govt is trying to reward the dishonest only to prove that honesty is not the best policy! And a retired Army general recently said on a TV channel as to why is the Army trying to punish any Army officer for any illegal action acc to the Army Act when MLAs and MPs get away with even murder!

Are we becoming a 'banana republic' and why do we need a law Minister or even Courts with corrupt judges? Are we citizens going to sit silently watching this degradation of our society by the law makers themselves?

Vani Vilas Apts,
11 Vani Vilas Road,
Bangalore 560004

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