Convention demands law against cow slaughter

Convention demands law against cow slaughter

Over 75,000 activists take part in Hindu Yuva Samavesha

Convention demands law against cow slaughter

A mammoth gathering at the Hindu Yuva Samavesha held in Nehru Maidan in Mangalore on Sunday. DH photo

The urge is one among the four resolutions passed by the mammoth gathering of over 75,000 Bajrang Dal activists, marking the silver jubilee of the organisation. The speakers at the convention too categorically urged the government that cow slaughtering should be banned across the country completely. The second resolution urged the government to take appropriate steps to stop attacks on the religious centres of Hindus.  Further, the organisation urged the Centre to pass a special legislation to seal the coastline from the entry of terrorists and smugglers. The fourth demand was that the government should take stringent measures to stop love jehad.

Addressing the huge gathering, Bajrang Dal National Convener Prakash Sharma appealed the youth to take an oath towards eliminating terrorism from the country. He said the Hindus would not harm anybody on their own but if somebody provoke them by doing harm on them, they would not sit quiet. “Though Bajrang Dal took birth with a specific aim of protecting Ramajanmabhumi at Ayodhya, it gradually expanded its objectives towards protecting the culture and heritage, opposing cow slaughtering and attacks on Hinduism,” he recalled.

Samskara Bharathi Vice President Chakravarthy Soolibele alleged that the government itself has been sowing the poisonous seeds in the society by appeasing certain specific communities and religions.

“If Muslims continue their act of conversions in the name of Love Jehad, the Hindus too may find the necessity of indulging in conversions,” he said. He appealed the youth to involve themselves in love jehad in a different sense. “We should love the nation and wage jehad against terrorism,” he said.

“Unlike other religions, Hinduism has no specific ‘date of birth’. Something that has no birth, has no death too. No one can destroy it,” Soolibele said.

Kolya Mutt’s Ramananda Swamiji, Vajradehi Mutt’s Rajashekharananda Swamiji addressed the gathering. Vibhag Sangha Chalak M B Puranik and others were present.

The massive procession with a number of tableaux that began from Jyothi Circle in the afternoon continued for over three hours. Police were on a high alert in the city as well in the undivided DK district and maintained a strict security. Though thousands of vehicles flooded towards the city, police allowed them after thorough inspection through several check-posts.