Varied concepts rub shoulders

Varied concepts rub shoulders

Dress Apart

Varied concepts rub shoulders

Pankaj Advani and Arthi.

The idea behind this was to help customers by showing them around the mall and  aid them in selecting their dresses.

The hall was filled not only with shopoholics, who were interested in the concept, but also the City’s P3Ps who were seen in full strength.

There were prominent personalities like Pankaj Advani who posed in a Ermenegildo Zegna suit, Madhu Natraj in a Seema Bagaria saree, Captain Ravi in a woollen suit and Sonam Lamba in Rocky S corduroys who added glitter to the event.

Manu Chandra was seen in denims and Vibhinita in a bright pink dress. Each of them were posing as ‘angels’ for that particular brand.

Some other women were dressed in one-piece halters, LBDs and elegantly tied sarees while men preferred suits and formal wear though there were those in jeans and t-shirts. The music drowned under the heavy chatter of people who were having a good time while a couple of children were trying hard to run away from the clutches of their parents.

The guests were treated to an excellent collection of drinks and food which were being served at the party. “This is a good concept. It will help us shop without wasting time because we can focus only on what we want. It will also help first timers to shop without a hassle,” said a guest at the event.