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Last Updated 12 May 2017, 05:09 IST

Vishwajit Prakash
HegdeDeeksha Centre for Learning PU College

Score:  590/600

Vishwajit is clear about the fact that being focussed on studies from the starting is what enabled him to score such high marks in his exams. “I concentrated on languages like English and Sanskrit during the last few months as that is where one tends to lose marks. Computer Science was also an area of focus and I also studied NCERT in depth.”

Adding that the gap in between exams ensured that the students were relaxed, Vishwajit advises the upcoming batches to remain concentrated on the studies from the beginning itself.His father Prakash Hegde says that he is satisfied with his son’s performance. “We knew he would do well. He was not tensed at all and this gave us confidence. He wrote his JEE Main exams and did well there also.”

Ankita R Bhat
CMR National PU College

Score: 588/600

Ankita is excited with her results as she never expected to score this well for the examinations. “I have scored well in all my life but I never expected to get such good marks now. I guess my hardwork did pay off. I made sure that I studied every day and practice Math problems. The subject was harder than I expected. Among the other subjects, I found Biology to be easier than the others. I want to celebrate but I still have more preparations to do for my medicals course.”

Vimal Suresh Mollyn
CMR National PU College

Score: 587/600

It was a proud moment for Vimal when he received his examinations results. “I started preparing for the examinations since I started my I PUC. I came back home and studied what was taught and also solved problems as part of the competitive exams I was studying for. I am very happy with my score and I look forward to joining IIT for engineering. My dad is an IIT Madra graduate and he was very helpful with subjects like physics, chemistry and maths.”

Shreya R New
Horizon PU College

Score: 585/600

“I was expecting above 95 percent and my results have really delighted me,” says Shreya. “I took tuitions to prepare for these exams. I maintained 75 percent attendence in college but mostly preferred to study at home as I was more comfortable that way.”

Talking about how she was not tensed, Shreya explains, “After appearing for one public exam in 10th, I was not nervous while writing this. I was quite confident.”

Her mother ​Suneetha says she was confident about her daughter's results.

Rahul KamathSri Kumaran’s Childrens Home PU college

Score: 580/600

Coming out with flying colours, Rahul proudly can boast that all of his efforts have been without the help of any external tutor and coaching, but acknwowledges his college for always staying by his side. “I took things as it came and made sure i studied everyday. My parents and college have steered me through to reach this point. My parents are extremely happy but I think I could have done better in maths.” 

Fathers Name:Deepak Kamath
Mothers name:Vidya Kamath 


Maansi Agrawal
Jyoti Nivas College

Score: 588/600

Maansi says that she remained focussed throughout the year and expected the result that she has achieved. “My schedule during the exams was qiute normal.  I followed a routine and studied for almost six hours everyday since February. The most important thing is to take breaks in between to keep your mind relaxed,” she says, adding, I was expecting this result as I knew I had put in a lot of hard work.”

She scored 100 in Statistics and Business; 99 in Economics and Accountancy and 94 in English and 96 in Hindi. She wants to complete her graduation and then do MBA in future. Satish Kumar, her father says he had full confidence on his daughter as he knew she how hard she worked.  “I was expecting 95 to 99 percentage, I am a proud father. She was always clear with her basics when it came to academic,” he says. 


Charitra Ajay Nayak
Christ Junior College

Score: 583/600

Charitra was always considered a potentional topper but she didn’t expect to become the State topper in Arts. “I always expcted to get more than 90 percent but to get such a good score is an overwhelming thought. I always knew that I wanted to study Arts as I found subjects like Economics and Psychology interesting. When I started college, I started exploring more about the subjects so I was never bored while preparing for the exam. I want to continue studying the subjects and see where my future leads me.” She is looking forward to celebrating her victory with her family and friends. 

Fenelina D’souza
Jyoti Nivas Pre University College

Score: 559/600

Fenelina professes that the experience of PU exams was a scary one and the result surprised her. She says, “I never worked hard so much. Through out the exams, it was a very random scheduled I followed, however, I made sure that I don’t miss out on any of the days. Subjects I liked I studied them a bit more and the ones I didn’t like I just read through them.” But she was an attentive student and she says that she followed all classroom lectures with interest. She adds, “I am quite surprised and thankful to God for my results. I could have done better in socio, but it’s okay, there is always a second time.” 

Her mother, Lucy D’souza shares her joy and says, “Fenelina was consistent althroughout her acedemic year and more than her I was confident about her results. She always remained calm and composed and dealt with pressure well.” In future Fenelina wants to be pursue travel and tourism and explore her love for history and economics. Her alternate career option is also to be a history professor. 
(Published 11 May 2017, 15:22 IST)

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