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Equal treatment


This refers to ‘Governor takes a dig at attacks on churches’ (DH, Jan 27). Though one appreciates the concern of the governor on these attacks, which seem more as the handiwork of the so called secular parties, can he explain why the Congress government in Goa is keeping mum on the desecration of nearly 36 temples?

K Jayasimha

A Kannadiga’s name for BIA

 This refers to ‘Let us name B’lore airport after JRD’ (DH, Jan ). There is no question about JRD Tata’s contribution to Indian business and industry. Since he started the first airline and now it is under govt control and operating as Air India, If your suggestion has to be followed to honour JRD Tata, then we should be renaming Air India and not Bengaluru International Airport.

We have enough people in Karnataka to name it after. They have not got their due for exactly the same reason you mentioned about ‘first family’, etc.

Tata as a group is carrying JRD family name and Tata group has many establishments named after JRD. There are many people like Visveswaraiah, Kempegowda, etc in Karnataka whose names can be kept to the airport.


Deemed University

The supreme court has really come to the rescue of about two lakh students of deemed universities by ordering that status quo must continue for the present 44 deemed universities, which are facing derecognition for being run as family concerns rather than as institutions of higher education and research.

Kapil Sibal, Union minister for HRD, has recently announced that deemed universities will be eliminated. Deemed university concept was recommended as early as 1949 by Radhakrishnan committee and eliminating deemed universities along with time tested concept itself will be a Himalayan blunder. Some of these deemed universities have established world class infrastructure including labs and libraries and digital libraries Some of them are much better than most of the state government universities. They have put excellent systems in place. Brushing all with same brush and eliminating all will be a folly. Instead the government must give them some opportunity and time for improving matters and if they fail to bring about improvement within the stipulated period they may be abolished. Therefor overhauling the existing deemed universities must be the first option rather than their elimination. All the existing 44 universities must be overhauled and thereafter  they must be closely supervised by government. No new deemed university must be allowed to be established hereafter.

I suggest that the Union government must not seek to destroy the concept itself and along with it some of the best private deemed universities without giving them a chance to improve matters.

K K Ammannaya

 Is Rajapakshe the new hope for SL Tamil’s?

Mr.Rajapakshe has won the battle of votes which is his successive victories apart from his  victory over LTTE with the present election opponent as his trusted head to fiight LTTE battle. Now, it is time for him to think calmly and do justice to the aspirations of his Tamil minority population which will not only earn the good will of that section but also enhance his reputation as a good leader of a nation which somehow got a bad name of Tamil oppressor.Hope, he do justice to his Tamil minorities and relieve India from that permanent worry and be a good friend of it's well meaning big neighbour.         


A pleasureable Scene 

During the republic day parade our soldiers in colorful uniforms perform on motor cycles  and showed their talents other than cavalry of killing the soldiers of hostile country .Their talent in jugglery seems more advanced than fighting desperately. It gives the message that man abhor to kill the fellow being .Our army can give this massage to the army of China and Pakistan. If the forces had any international organization they would  put forward some concrete conditions for battle before the politicians .

The US attacked Iraq and Afghanistan for the material benefit to get oil and other natural resources in the guise of WMD destruction and counter terrorism .After six years of bombardment it could  not overcome the terrorists nor establish peace in the aria .The Taliban  are making progress and killing the US and NATO forces .Our Embassy was attacked twice in Afghanistan .Mr Jeorge Bush after placing the bombardment order is peacefully sleeping in the ambit of security .He must have been invited to see the jugglery of our soldiers and repent on his folly .lakhs of innocent men and women were killed  and children became orphans. He will not be spared by God .One day or the other he will face retribution.

M. Kumar                                   
New Delhi

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