Now, a technology for safer, larger buildings

Now, a technology for safer, larger buildings

Now, a technology for safer, larger buildings

A new state-of-the-art smart building technology, launched by multinational firm Honeywell, not promises users a safe public buildings but also a more intelligent one complete with features such as temperature sensors and access controls.

This ‘Command and Control Suite’ technology will give users access to video feeds to help security personnel track occupants entering and exiting the building. A fire alarm system will also be in place.

Experts say that investing in this type of smart building technology typically pays for itself within one or two years by delivering operational efficiencies as well as saving energy.  “The building data currently collected in modern facilities presents a vast opportunity to reduce operations and maintenance costs. However, difficulties in integrating data from separate building automation systems have encumbered realizing this potential. The usability of facility technologies has been a persistent challenge as well. To date, success in system performance has largely been dependent on the skill and experience of operators,” say building automation experts and researchers.

Guided by experts in the Honeywell Design Studio, all components of the command and control suite were built with the intuitive, consumer-friendly simplicity of tablets and smartphones. Because virtually anyone can understand and act on the insights the command suite provides.

A refined user experience helps reduce operator training and related expenses as well, experts add.
The Honeywell Command Wall, the core of the suite, features map-based visualization and navigation, along with integrated workflows and system-wide integration from a single, intuitive touchscreen interface. The command wall presents data from multiple systems across a facility, such as utility meters and temperature sensors, while providing context for more informed decision making. Users can access an enterprise-wide view and also easily zoom into specific areas to quickly understand and react to issues and opportunities as they arise.
Building’s intelligence

“A building’s intelligence is largely influenced by those who operate it and can make the changes necessary to improve performance,” said Priyanshu Singh, Country Manager, India of Honeywell Building Solutions.

“So enhancing the user experience is imperative. It allows organizations to extract the most value from their technology investment. Like today’s ubiquitous tablet and mobile devices, Command Wall makes connecting with information and others fast and simple.”