Of silver and gold

Visual Treat

Of silver and gold

Dazzling: The crystal collection with silver designs.

Clocks, photoframes, jewel-boxes, candle stands and beautiful marguerite flowers carved on pure silver... the list is endless. All of these double up as perfect gift items for any occasion. These are the new Stilarte, Arde and Pierre Cardin Collection on silver articles.

Each and every silver piece dazzles with matchless designs and is sure to leave one confused as to which piece to pick up. Most of these beautiful pieces was made up of at least 50 microns of silver and the inner layer or rather the filling comprised silver. The uniqueness of each of these products was the marguerite flowers that only added to the beauty of all the pieces.

Another, was the crystal collection with silver designs studded on them. Sleek, beautiful and crystal clear vases were on display with silver designs in the form of roses, leaves and tendrils encrusted on them. Also on display were an array of Lord Ganesha in different forms. It didn’t sparkle as much as the other pieces did but had its own charm in the matt finish. There were also gold polished silver Lord Ganeshas as well. The tiny Lord Ganesha as a baby Ganesha crawling was a marvel by itself.
Most of the articles were multipurpose. Exquisite cutlery and office stationary were also part of the display. All the pieces are manufactured in Italy and is designed by Bela Bose in Delhi.

There was also a valentine special which was attractive and made up of a metal called Puter which was polished with silver. The speciality of this metal is that it can be twisted and turned in any manner. The leaves and stem are made up of Puter and it looks like silver but pasted on this is a big red rose which is made up of porcelain.

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