Match your jewellery to your face cut

Styling tips

It’s important to understand the shape of your face, before you begin jewellery shopping. If you have a round face, pick a long necklace that extends below the neckline or if you have a heart-shaped face go for shorter necklaces and chokers that lend a bit of roundness to your face, says an expert.

n Round: Pick a long necklace that extends below the neckline, along with chandelier earrings or long, straight earrings. Avoid round-shaped earrings, and even round-cut diamonds or gemstones. Lay your hands on earrings in different shapes and cuts, like square or oval. Teardrop earrings would look best on a round shaped face.

n Oval: Neither round, nor long, this face shape is one where lots of versatility can be explored. You can flaunt long and short necklaces with equal aplomb. Play around with different styles of earrings, like big hoops and danglers. While going for danglers, pick the ones that are angular in shape.

n Rectangular: Complement the length of your face with contrasting jewellery style. Choker-style necklace will look perfect on you, combined with short or round earrings. Even button earrings are a great choice.

n Heart: Since your chin area is narrower, go for shorter necklaces and chokers that lend a bit of roundness to your face. Danglers and teardrop earrings will give an elongated look to your face, and also ensure that the jaw line does not look too sharp. Long cylindrical and triangular danglers are the ones you should be looking forward to.

n Tip: While selecting ‘maang tikas’, keep the forehead in consideration. For a broad brow, heavier maang tika with a ‘maatha patti’ is recommended. For a small forehead, pick out a small tika, and go for a small ‘bindi’ along with it.

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