Weaving magic on stage

Weaving magic on stage

Dedicated performer

Weaving magic on stage

As she cast a spell on her audience with her enchanting voice, Jess Nesling, one of the soloists from London, was showered with praise and love by the crowd at the recent performance in the City with the Toccata Musical Productions, UK, in collaboration with the ‘Kenyan Boys Choir.’

Originally from Swansea, South Wales, Jess shared her experiences about the City. “It is my first time in Bengaluru and it is a very new experience. The City is a lovely place. Everyone here has been so friendly and it has a positive and welcoming vibe,” she said.

Her positivity and charm can sweep anyone off their feet. And her confidence shows her dedication towards her passion for singing. Overwhelmed with the reception she received here, she added, “It gives you great energy to perform when you witness such a different audience. The crowd at the Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, during our performance, was very enthusiastic, friendly and encouraging. I had heard that the crowd in the City was well aware of the Toccata Productions so I was secretly expecting a lovely response.” Since Bengaluru is known for its music enthusiasts, she presumed that the crowd, would have high expectations from all the performances.

The confident person that she is, she said, “We put in a lot of effort and hard work for this performance and delivered a great show. It was an absolute privilege to perform here. Everyone here has set such high standards in the field of music and dance that I had to give my best.”

On a lighter note, she describes her first experience of having Indian food. “I am not that good when it comes to handling spicy food, but I made an effort to try a different cuisine. The flavour and taste of the food is just amazing. I have become a huge fan of Indian food. I loved the food that was served on a banana leaf,  and the sour taste of the ‘rasam’ was a perfect balance of tangy and spicy,” she recollected.

She added, “I also absolutely loved the rice pudding; I could have had way too much of it. I didn’t realise how delicious Indian puddings were because we always associate Indian food with spice.” She didn’t forget to share her thoughts on the weather. “The weather here is amazing! Actually, I thought it would be hot, and that’s why I was pleasantly surprised. It is beautiful.”