Kattige Muhurtha marks 3rd phase of Paryaya preparations

Pejawar Mutt seer's followers perform the ritual in his absence
Last Updated 21 August 2015, 17:43 IST

The ritual of ‘Kattige Muhurtha’ (storing firewood) was performed, as the third phase of preparation for the biennial Paryaya at Sri Krishna Mutt, on behalf of incoming Paryaya seer Sri Pejawar Mutt Pontiff Sri Vishwestheertha Swami here on Friday, as the seer is in Bengaluru for ‘Chaturmasyam’.

The seer is going to create history by ascending the holy Sarvajna Peetha (Paryaya Peetha) for the record fifth time on January 18, 2016, by becoming the first seer to do so since the biennial Paryaya ritual began in 1522. The 84-year-old seer has ascended the throne previously in 1952, 1968, 1984 and 2000.

Speaking to media persons here on Friday, Pejawar Mutt Diwan Raghuram Acharya said Kattige Muhurta is organised at ‘Kattige Ratha’ near Madhwa Sarovara. Earlier, loads of firewood carried by people was taken in a procession from Pejawar mutt, situated near the main Car Street to the backyard of Sri Krishna Mutt where the firewood was piled up artistically in the shape of a cart. This piled firewood will be utilised by the Paryaya mutt during their two year Paryaya period which comes once in two years among the seers of Asta Mutt (Eight mutts) on rotation.

The procession of priests and devotees carrying firewood on their heads began from the Pejawar Mutt at 7 am. After offering prayers to various deities at Sri Krishna mutt and Lord Krishna, Sri Chandramouleshwara temple and the Sri Ananteshwara temple, the procession returned to the Pejawar Mutt. After the prayers were offered at the Pejawar Mutt, priests and devotees led the procession through Car Street to the place marked for Kattige Ratha at 8 am.

A decoration in the form of ‘Shikara’ has been installed atop the Kattige Ratha during the ‘Bhatta Muhurta’, the fourth and the last of the major ritual to be held before the Paryaya. Nearly 28-30 days are required for the firewood to be arranged in the form of a chariot, which is called as the Kattige Ratha. As huge firewood was required during the two year period, the ritual would ensure that the firewood was stored in an artistic manner in the shape of “Ratha” at the backyard of the temple in stead of throwing in haphazard manner. According to the mutt sources, the height of this Kattige Ratha will be about 25 ft in diameter in which 120 tonnes of firewood (13 lorry load) can be stored.
About 20 labourers will complete Kattige Ratha in a month.

The concept of ‘Kattige Ratha’ (cart of firewood) came into existence over 500 years ago by great saint and pontiff of Sri Sode Vadiraja mutt who introduced the practice of biennial Paryaya system in place of two month Paryaya term.

Earlier to Kattige Muhurtha, the incoming Pejawar seer who is ascending ‘Paryaya Peeta’ to take charge of the temple administration and Sri Krishna Pooja rights for two years from the outgoing Paryaya Kaniyur mutt seer Sri Vidyavallabhatheertha Swami, had performed ‘Bale Muhurtham’ (planting of Banana saplings) and ‘Akki Muhurtham’ (storing of rice).  The preparatory process of main Paryaya festival will be culminated with the fourth and final phase preparation of ‘Bhattha Muhurtha’ (storing of paddy) which will be held during Dec this year.


(Published 21 August 2015, 17:43 IST)

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