A wide array of IT careers in your hand

A wide array of IT careers in your hand

A wide array of IT careers in your hand
Graduation feels like a half won battle, with the ‘main event’ just starting. This is because many are perplexed as to what they could do next, now that they have completed college. Traditionally, graduates move on either to pursue higher education or opt for a more vocational  degree in various specialisations including advertisement, journalism and graphic designing.

In recent years, an entire gamut of career choices have emerged in the field of Information & Technology. From web designing to programming to developing games and digital marketing, these branches of work were non-existent 20 years back.

If you like spending a lot of time on your computer, experimenting with new software, trying your hand at designing, or engaging with applications such as Photoshop, you may be considered to have a knack of making a career in the field of Information Technology (IT). Contrary to popular belief, it is not just   computer engineers who can carve a career in the IT. There are various options that help you carve your own career in the IT world. A professional degree in IT such as an website producer and network administrator can be some of the many options. At the same time, a part of the basic IT education such as knowledge about MS Office, SAP, Ethical hacking, Clouding, Sales force definitely add up as an advantage.

With technology taking centre-stage, IT plays an integral role in every industry, right from helping companies in improving business processes, achieving cost effectiveness, driving the revenues to maintain a competitive lead in the marketplace.

Having the IT edge

IT education does not necessarily imply education of engineers. It is more about learning the latest and necessary aspects of computer and its education. With the computer becoming the pen and paper,  having a basic knowledge in MS Office (especially MS Word and Powerpoint) become an important skillset.

Information and Technology managers are today crucial in every industry, including in non IT companies. Every company has a website, most are developing social media campaigns, many need experts in search engine optimisation to be more visible in search engines. With IT education along with the expertise in the profession of your interest, you will always remain one-step ahead than your peers.

Taking into account the constant changes in technology, additional knowledge of C++, Java and Oracle is seen as the hot tech skills employers look out for.

New career opportunities

A student with additional IT qualification can not only find a job in the field of his/her interests, but they can also use their knowledge in IT to specialise themselves in various niches. With one’s specialisation, finding a job that suits one’s interest will be easy, including as a   creative specialist designing microchips or new software.

Therefore, with an IT education that supplements your graduation degree can open new horizons in terms of careers and professions. Here are some of the many careers that opens:

n Web developers: This is a lucrative career option today. Graduates with knowledge of web developing and designing can build websites, write codes to make them function. This entails learning coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript and PHP.

If you are interested in visual designs of websites, you can venture into web designing courses. There are more courses and technologies on offer and you can consult an expert or professional counselor about the same. With a course in these languages you can make a full fledged career for yourself in the field of web development.

n Gaming: There are young people today who are just crazy about anything that has to do with gaming. If you are one of them, consider moulding this penchant into a career choice. Game testing or game writing softwares can prepare you for a career in the field of gaming.

n Software programming: Engineers and programmers work round the clock across the globe in manufacturing new and revolutionary softwares and improving the designs of existing ones. Software engineers as well as those who spend time and energy learning programming can build a career out of this.

n Digital marketing: With Internet becoming an interface of more and more business enterprises, clients and customers, digital marketing is a field that has picked up dramatically in India. Most organizations today need online marketing strategies which includes social media marketing. Even if you are involved in the creative domain of digital marketing, it will serve you well to study a course in digital marketing. It is an ideal IT course for anyone involve in planning, implementing and analyzing digital marketing.

n Data Analysis: This is a niche but highly lucrative field in India. How do you think online retailers analyse the demography or footfalls coming on their websites? How do you think they are able to understand who are their largest customers and tailor their selling mechanisms and deals according to the footfalls? Data analysts do it for them. Data analysis is useful in other fields as well. So, if you like playing with numbers, this can be a good option for you.

n Hardware networking: With workplaces, institutions, schools and colleges becoming completely digital, there is increasing need of people equipped with networking and hardware. This is again a rapidly emerging field where many youngsters are finding a career. With offices, homes, banks and industries making extensive use of computers, and telephones and television turning to Internet for connectivity, network connectivity is required everywhere. Its maintenance is a key job.

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