The little pleasures of life

The little pleasures of life

My perfect weekend

The little pleasures of life

I never really plan my weekends because as actors, we don’t have a five-day week. We shoot over the weekends as well. So, I don’t really get excited about a weekend. But if I ever get a weekend to myself, I end up doing whatever I feel like.

It could be anything from just lazing around to catching up with my family and friends or even venturing into the wild! I love riding and driving, so during my college days, I used to head out with a camera in hand. I have always felt a deep sense of peace and tranquil in the lap of nature.

My Fridays usually draw to an end with me trying to recoup from a hard day’s work. If I am home on a Saturday and Sunday, I usually prefer ordering in some Chinese food and watching movies.
I am a big fan of Al Pacino and have a huge poster of him in my room. I spend Saturdays watching as many movies as I can. Earlier, I would party on a Saturday night but now, I would rather get together with a close bunch of  friends or simply go restaurant hopping, preferably to a place that doesn’t have buffet because that puts me off. I like to try out new and exclusive restaurants in the City.

I travel a lot on work and if I happen to spend a weekend overseas, then I make sure I dine at the most authentic restaurant in that place. Being a big foodie, I want my food to be nothing less than ‘perfect’. When I was in Hong Kong recently, I went to a Chinese restaurant and gorged on some amazing Chinese food. It gave me a high! More than sight-seeing, I make sure I soak in the ambience of the place.

As a child, I would always look forward to Fridays and the weekend. I love dogs and we had plenty of them at home, so I would stay put and take care of them. My father never discouraged me from whatever I wanted to do and as I grew up, I not only grew fond of animals but nature as well.
In college, Fridays and the weekends were meant for camping at Siliguri or Bandipur. My uncle had a farm in Kolar and my family would also drive down there. At the farm, I would be in charge of the barbecue, which I thoroughly enjoyed and I must say I was pretty good at it as well. Even during those days, if I was given a choice between going to the forest and a party, I would choose the former.
Some of the weekends are also reserved for hanging out with my closest friend and actor Ramakrishna Hegde. Though there is a lot of age difference between us, we enjoy each other’s company. He is more like an elder brother to me.

I grew up in Bengaluru and share a close bond with the City and its people. I enjoy whatever I do even if it is a quiet weekend doing simply nothing. I find pleasure in the smallest of things.

As told to Nina C George