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Last Updated 29 August 2015, 02:26 IST

KM Chaitanya’s directorial ‘Aatagara’ has had a grand opening. The multi-starrer, says Chaitanya, has all the actors playing meaty roles. “Despite it being a weekend of festivals, the theatres are overflowing with people. When I interacted with the audience during the first show, they said that they loved the movie not only for its story but also for the way each character has been portrayed,”  he says excitedly.

He says that he carefully hand-picked all the 10 actors and took his time to give each of them a prominent part in the film. He was always conscious of the niche that each of the actors had carved for themselves, so he was careful not to let one role cross the other, yet gave each one of them their importance.

“Each member of the cast is not a star but an actor in the film. Anant Nag plays a very special part in the film. Everybody has something interesting and unique to contribute to the film,” he elaborates.

Chaitanya recalls that even during the release of his previous directorial, ‘Aa Dinagalu’, he got a similar response. He says that he has been asked a couple of times
if it is the script or the pool of actors that has made the film popular with the people.

“A lot of people asked me if it was the story that clinched the deal. I find it hard to single out a particular aspect of the film. It is a blend of everything with each one complementing the other. This combination has made it special,” he adds.

‘Aatagara’ doesn’t intend to send out any particular message to the people but
he assures that everybody who watches the film will  take home some kind of a
message. “No two people will interpret and understand the movie the same way.
I was thrilled when I had a lot of people telling me that it is an intelligent, sensible and at the same time a thoroughly entertaining film,” he says. |

(Published 29 August 2015, 02:26 IST)

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