City students give colour to their imagination

City students give colour to their imagination

City students give colour to their imagination

Folklores, mythologies, daily activities along with various forms of rivers, streams, hills and mountains came alive as around 300 students from all over the City came together at Bal Bhavan, Cubbon Park, on Thursday, to participate in the annual painting competition held by Deccan Herald in Education.

As no topics were suggested this year, most children chose to paint landscapes, while some chose characters and events from their favourite novels, books, folklores and mythologies as well as daily life activities as their subjects.

For example, a familiar scene of the City roads with frenzied traffic came alive in a painting by Pooja Rajesh, a class 9 student. Although many chose themed topics as global warming as their subject, originality of  thought and expression irrespective of the topic chosen, won hearts at the end.

The paintings were judged by Jayasimha C, a practising artist. While choosing the “best pictures of the moment” Jayasimha said that even though he was passing judgements on the paintings, there is truely no parameter to judge a painting. “It is a person’s expression of the way he or she sees the world. And to each this perception is different. You cannot say one is better or worse than the other,” he said. However, to judge the paintings made so eagerly by the students, he said that he followed three yardsticks – originality, skill and execution.

The parameters

“There has to be originality of thought and also of expression. There has to be perfect execution of that thought in the painting, and of course, it is the skill of the painter concerned that makes all the difference,” Jayasimha said.

But not just that, he also took in consideration the style used, colour combination, brush or pen strokes among other criteria while judging the pictures, Jayasimha explained.

For example, Debapriya Kundu, a class 5 student and Aditya Venkat Ganesh P, a class 10 student used water colour as their medium, but  so did many others. What made theirs' stand apart from the rest was the method of execution, Jayasimha explained. Moreover, a painting of Kabaddi players in action by Steven Harris R from BNM Public School, awed the judges because of the minute details in the painting. “You can see the different expressions in the faces of the players in the painting. Also the body language of the players is vibrant. The one in yellow is quite apprehensive of his situation, while the blue team players are determined not to let him get away,” explained Jayasimha.
In the junior category (class 3 to 6), Debapriya Kundu from HAL Public School and

Anupama Laxmi S from National Public School, Yashwantpur won the contest. Dhwani M Ved from Delhi Public School, East and K H Abhishek Gowda from DBM & RJS School won the second prize for neatness in execution. While Shikha N K from Sophia High School and Gayathri T B from Cluny Convent High School won the third prize for originality and clarity of message conveyed, respectively.

Among the seniors (class 7 to 10) Steven Harris R from BNM Public School and Aditya Venkat Ganesh P from SSB International School won the contest. Suchetha S and Nanda Murary C R from B M English School won the second prize. While, Danak Vaishnavi from DVV Gujrati Shala and Pooja Rajesh from National Public School, Koramangala won the third prize.

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