What's cooking?

What's cooking?

Actors Amrita Rao and Shahid Kapoor came together for an appearance recently

What's cooking?

CUTE COUPLE Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao.

Their comfort level is quite apparent both on and offscreen. Shahid may have been paired opposite many Bollywood beauties but it is his appealing chemistry with Ms Rao that is the most talked about.

Both Shahid and Amrita haven’t had an opportunity to work with each other in the recent times. So everyone thought both of them will not be seen together again. But putting all speculations to rest, they came together for an appearance recently.

Shahid waited for almost half an hour without any starry airs for Amrita at the Mumbai Marathon. Instead of being with his Chance Pe Dance co-star Genelia D’Souza, who was also present at the venue, he preferred to endorse an NGO with Amrita. He was polite enough to give her a helping hand through the mad frenzy that had gathered to spot them together and ensured he dropped her back safely to her car as she had to rush for Vikram Phadnis’ show at a fashion week. We see Shahid is quite a ladies’ man as this isn’t the first time he has taken up for his pretty co-star.

They should soon do a film together as it’s pretty apparent on social networking sites that their fans want to see them together.

Both Shahid and Amrita aren’t denying their great on screen chemistry as well, which makes millions of hearts skip a beat.

Well, there has been an air of mystery around their single status as both of them have never confirmed about their ‘good friendship’ publicly. We hope some directors are taking note of this rab ne banaa di jodi.