'Celebrities steal all the attention on runway'

A student of Psychology, designer Nikhil Thampi has been a national level basketball player and a big fan of Shiamak Davar. Then what made him get into the glamorous world of fashion?

Answers Thampi, “Fashion came to me as a surprise. I was always interested in fashion but I never pursued it. If it weren't for my gut and need to follow my instinct, I wouldn't be here. With no fashion background and fashion education, it was quite a leap of faith.”

However, lack of formal training made Thampi face many technical challenges when it came to the execution of a design. But despite all the hurdles, he calls his journey “a dream” as people have accepted him with open arms.

A new take of metal embroidery has always been a signature of Thampi’s collections. Creating the designs graphically and cutting them in brass, the pieces are then gold-plated and stitched onto his clothes as appliqués.

“I think everyone does embroidery. I wanted to take it a step forward and do something completely different. I use antique gold metal chains in my saree pallus, skirts and tops. I love creating editorial worthy pieces always. Moving onto my signature gold and silver metal Obi belts, it went viral. After that, I took to metal rosettes in Rose gold and now, finally I decided to use metal cut outs in intricate designs in place of embroidery,” he explains. 

Talking about the fashion scene in Bollywood, Thampi loves the way how it has chosen to go forth and indulge in fashion. “I love that most celebrities have their own sense of style that is distinct. Stylists are doing a great job in bringing the best of fashion to Bollywood,” he says.

However, the designer doesn’t support the concept of showstoppers, essentially a celebrity. “I haven’t ever had a celebrity showstopper primarily because I think it's important to let your clothes do the talking on a runway. On a runway, fashion is meant to be noticed in its full form. I feel that celebrities steal all the attention instead of your clothes, which doesn't do justice,” he feels.

Although, Indian fashion industry has gained a huge popularity worldwide but many questions have arose that it is highly influenced by the west.

Elucidating the thin line between being influenced and being inspired, Thampi says, “It is important to be inspired and understand elements of international fashion, as opposed to being blatantly influenced and copying international fashion directly. I feel there are many designers who get more influenced instead of being inspired and it’s not the best thing.”

Meanwhile, giving some hot fashion tips to the ladies and the gentlemen out there, Thampi suggests, “Ladies, don't try too hard! It's okay to be minimal but confident. A smile will make you go a long way and complete your look. And to most gentlemen, please start making more of an effort. Fashion is for men, as much it is for women. And every woman loves a well dressed man.”

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