150 marriage halls under BBMP scanner

150 marriage halls under BBMP scanner

According to BBMP officials, the health inspectors are taking note of alleged offences committed by marriage halls based on which they may be forced to shut down. The BBMP claims that many of the marriage halls have been operating without trade licence, and among those who have license, many are violating the rules and regulations. “We have seen that the marriage halls are converting basements into dining halls instead of using them as parking lot,” said BBMP Commissioner Subramanya.


The circular to take stringent measures have been dispatched to all the BBMP zones by the commissioner. Currently 28 choultries have been notified by the BBMP for violations in the South Zone.

The Commissioner justified the action by stating: “I was going along the West of Chord Road and found a lot of the service roads occupied by illegal parking with total chaos in place. We immediately decided to take action. We are conducting inspections and scrutinising the marriage halls for violations. Based on these we will take further action,” Subramanya said.

The Palike Commissioner said they were taking action against illegal marriage halls and offenders on a zonal basis.

“If we immediately shut down these choultries, people may complaint against the BBMP for stalling the marriages. Hence, as a first step we have decided to notify them and then gradually take action as and when the bookings for these halls die out,” he said.