A sweet escape

A sweet escape

Long legacy

A sweet escape

It all began in 1957, as a small counter called ‘Kanti Sweet Meat Stall’, in Kempegowda Circle. But 58 years after its inception, Kanti Sweets has grown to a 44-outlet strong sweet store in Bengaluru, serving some of the best exotic sweets and savouries in the City. A venture by Pandit Jyoti Swarup Sharma, it has people haunting it for its delicacies.

Sailendra, one of the owners, says, “As Bengaluru is a cosmopolitan city, it becomes necessary for us to cater to the needs of everyone. We make traditional sweets from West Bengal, Rajasthan and Karnataka to name a few. We have a different variety of sweets and we make sure that we have something for every taste bud and occasion.”

Kanti Sweets is one of the stores in Bengaluru that specialises its sweets for every festival and celebration like ‘Sankranti’, ‘Holi’, ‘Raksha bandhan’, ‘Dasara’, ‘Deepavali’ and ‘Christmas’. This makes it popular among people. Sailendra adds, “If it is ‘Sankranti’, we have something for that, and during ‘Teej’ we prepare something else. The same goes for other festivals and celebrations. We give our customers the biggest variety of sweets in the City.”

Sailendra says that they have been successful in ‘spreading sweetness’ to thousands of people. “Every Indian has a sweet tooth and the sweets we make have a homely feel. If the sweets are made well and we maintain our ethics, then we can surely keep up to the expectations of our customers.”

Recalling how his grandfather came up with the idea of opening a sweet shop, he says, “There was a hotel named Bharathi Hotel in Majestic, it was a trend those days for every hotel to have a small sweet counter. We had a sweet counter in that hotel. That’s when my grandfather came up with the idea of opening a sweet store with a variety of sweets to choose from. He named the shop after his younger brother Kantiswarup Sharma. My father, Rajendra Prasad Sharma was the second-generation owner. He decided to take up the family business, and since then it has been taken care of by my mother, wife, younger brother and me.”

Though the menu has remained the same over the years, there are add ons to
it. Their speciality lies in the variety that they provide customers. To indulge
one’s sweet tooth, one can go for classics like ‘Mysore pak’, ‘kaju katli’, ‘ladoos’ and ‘jalebis’. Apart from this, ‘kaju sandwich’, ‘kesar peda’ and ‘Kashmir kalakand barfi’ are some of sweets that are recommended.