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Personally, I used to like drinking and innovating. Wherever I used to go, my constant yearning for doing something new never left me. Every time I used to go the market, I couldn’t stop myself from searching for different fruits and vegetables that I could incorporate in my drink to enhance them with different flavours.

So it was around 13 years ago, when I started with this cocktail called Green Apple Martini at the Indigo restaurant, where I was working as a corporate manager.

Angelina Jolie was in town time and she came to Indigo and she fell entirely in love with the cocktail. After that, every second restaurant was creating a sour green apple martini.

Now, at the High Spirits Festival in Hard Rock Cafe, we are trying to serve people with something very similar. We have created Long Island Iced Teas (LIIT) that are made with fruity ingredients. The drink is essentially known to be strong drink, and I wanted to create something for the ladies.

We have included a range of LIITs in the festival, which include the Kala Khatta Iced Tea, Aam Panna Iced Tea and Lavender LIIT. These are all aromatic drinks with flavours that are not found anywhere else. These drinks can be enjoyed by all and can be easily made at home. All the ingredients are easily available in the market.


Long Island Iced Tea Family

Texas Iced Tea

* Eristoff Vodka: 15 ml

* Bacardi: 15 ML

* Blue Riband Gin: 15 ml

* Blenders Pride Whiskey: 15 ml

* S&S: 60 ml

* Coke: 60 ml

* 16 oz glass

* 6 lime wedges in the drink (for garnishing)


* Take a 16 oz. glass fill it with cube ice, pour in all the spirits, lime juice, lime wedges, give it  a gentle stir, fill in more ice, top it up with Coke and serve.

Lavender Iced Tea

* Vodka: 15 ml

* Bacardi:15 ml

* Gin: 15 ml

* Orange Liqueur-in house: 15 ml

* Lime juice: 15 ml

* Lavender syrup: 20 ml

* Lemon lime soda: 60 ml

* 16 oz glass

* One half orange slice in the drink (for garnishing)


* Take a mixing jar and pour in all the spirits, lime juice, lavender syrup, shake and pour in the 16 oz. glass, fill in more ice, top it up with lemon lime soda and serve. Garnish with an orange slice in the drink.

Bull Frog Iced Tea

* Vodka: 30 ml

* Bacardi: 30 ml

* Gin: 30 ml

* Orange Liqueur-in house: 30 ml

* Tequila: 30 ml

* Lime juice: 15 ml

* Blue Curacao syrup: 20 ml

* Lime wedges:  6

* Red Bull: 1 can

* Big footed Margarita glass

* 6 lime wedges (for garnishing)


* Take a 16 oz. glass fill it with cube ice, pour in all the spirits, Blue Curacao syrup, lime juice, lime wedges,  give it  a gentle stir, fill in more ice, open a red bull can and invert it in the drink and serve.

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