Civic workers seek law to tame negligent pet owners

Civic workers seek law to tame negligent pet owners

With no law in place to penalise the dog owners for letting their pets litter in public places, the pavements and roads in several residential areas have turned unsightly due to defecation by pet dogs.

In 2012, there was a proposal before the BBMP seeking to introduce a law penalising dog owners if they leave their pets’ faeces on the streets. With no takers, the proposal disappeared into thin air.

In the absence of a rule to prevent the dog owners from letting their pets poop in public places, the faeces of dogs, apart from the foul smell, can pose health hazards to the civic workers who remove the poop while cleaning the roads.

BBMP Pourakarmikas’ and Arogya Gangmen’s Association president Pothanna said, “At least half of the pourakarmikas working in the City were not provided with safety kits. In the absence of gloves, the civic workers are prone to health risks when exposed to faeces.” 

Health camps

“Also, the health check-up camps for the civic workers are not organised on a regular basis. The Palike should implement a law to  the pets from littering public places and also keeping the hygiene in the mind. We will be holding a meeting with the Palike officers soon about the issue and also other problems faced by PKs.”

Murthy M N, a pourakarmika from Jagjivanramnagar said if they do not clear the poop on the streets, then they get a hearing from Palike higher-ups as well as dog owners.
“It is extremely disgusting to lift it (excreta of dogs) but we are helpless. We request Palike to provide us soap and towel, at least, rues M N Murthy, a pourakarmika from JJ Nagar.

Several residents too echoed similar views. They said that, apart from the stink, excreta of dogs also obstructs them while walking. Rajesh Ferrao, a resident of HRBR Layout, said “Many a time, I have ended up stepping on dog’s poop. Also, one of my neighbour's dog defecates in front of my house forcing me to clean it, which takes hours.” “It is unhygienic as well as an unpleasant sight,” Sujatha A, a resident ofVidyaranyapura, said.

Cubbon Park Walkers Association president, S Umesh said that around 60 dog owners visit the park everyday and despite a signboard put up by Horticulture department not to take any pets inside, people continue to come with their pets. He added the pet owners are negligent when it comes to disposing of the faeces of their pets. 
Proposal pending

BBMP’s Joint Director (Animal Husbandry), Dr Maheshwara Gowda, when contacted, said that it will take time to frame rules. He further said that a proposal in this regard is pending before the competent authority. “The proposed rules include mandatory pet license and disposing of the dog’s faeces from public places, by pet owners, at a designated spot or at their respective households.”

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