For the perfect ambience

For the perfect ambience

For the perfect ambience

When organising an outdoor party at home, the first thing that worries us is the lighting. It is indeed an important element of any night party, as it can make or break the look. If chosen cleverly, lighting can create the right mood, ambience and most of all, a personal look that can speak volumes about your personality.

There are many lighting solutions in the market today that can help you create the perfect look for your party. Here are some:

Paper lanterns

Lanterns have a magical effect; they create a cheerful, festive ambience. You can make them easily with paper or leaves and get LED light bulbs fitted in. They can serve as elegant decorations as well an excellent lighting option. Large hanging lanterns add drama to outdoor space.

String lights

They are handy, easy to use and are widely available in various colours and patterns. For bigger spaces, it is a good idea to hang them from one end to another or on your garden trees. For a soft glow at night, wrap tree trunks and branches with strands of white lights. These lights will give brighter luminescence and boost greater vision.

Outdoor torches

Torches create a rustic tribal look. These days, you get them in different designs with a base which can be settled in the pots or placed in the corners. Place them along the path leading to your garden or your entryway.

Candlelit glow

There is nothing like a romantic flickering glow of the candles. Float tea candles in a water-filled birdbath to create a mini firepit. Or set tea lights in clear glass votive holders in a dry birdbath so they won’t wobble. You can also set candles in decorative holders and place them on the dining table for a beautiful appeal.

Focus them right

Wrought iron wall scones are perfect to highlight your plants or artefacts. While floor lamps or spotlights do a great job in highlighting a garden table or chair, do not forget to light up your trees or plants with soft LED light fittings.

Accent spaces with lamps

Lamps can accentuate spaces with their grandeur. They can be placed in foyer corners, on staircases, or hung from the trees. Currently, lamps are also making design statements. There are floor lamps in sleek and trendy designs, and they look stunning as standalone pieces.

They can also brighten or mellow a space with varied hues and patterns. For instance, African lamps with coloured glass look lovely in a verandah or a patio.

Newer forms of lighting

Look for some accessories that glow in the dark. They help in enhancing the right mood. Certain hanging lanterns can hold candles without needing any wiring. Even tall candlesticks, set on the ground, add romantic touch to the space. You can even hang brass lamps lit in oil at varying heights from low-hanging branches. They are sure to cast an enchanting spell on any space.

Tropical lighting

Give your space an exotic feel by combining various styles, colours, textures and patterns. Look for lights in bamboo or cane covers. Accessories like shells in different sizes can be used to bring a feel of the seashore. Fill a shallow tray with sand and place a votive candle at the centre with shells placed all around.

Outdoor path lighting

Walkway and entrance should be properly lit for both aesthetic and safety reasons. Make sure everyone can comfortably move around your space after dark. One thing you could do is to put up a string of white lights all along the wall near the flooring. You can also put earthen diyas and decorative lamps in the front. It will look make the space beautiful and well illuminated.

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