'I don't want to restrict myself'

'I don't want to restrict myself'

'I don't want to restrict myself'
In the past decade, he’s composed some of the best hits and made history with it. But for him, the past is gone and doesn’t want those songs to anchor him down for the present. Mithoon, the magical musician that every Bollywood lover enjoys listening to, says that he would like to move past the songs that have topped the charts before and bring in new music that could possibly repeat history.
What are you working on right now?

The title song for ‘Sanam Re’ is already out and is soaring high with the listenings — it has received four million views in just 10 days. The other songs for the movie will be out later on this month, so that’s quite exciting. I’m also working on songs for ‘Love Shhuda’, ‘Shab’, ‘Traffic’ and ‘Shivaay’. I guess you can say that I already have a busy year ahead.

Would you say that composing romantic songs are your main genre now?

I wouldn’t say that it’s my main genre, but it’s definitely the kind of music that I’ve been approached for. Maybe because people believe that I have a talent in making ballads. But I’d like to experiment more with other genres this year. I don’t want to restrict myself to just one type of music all the time.

How are you planning to get over the ‘Tum Hi Ho’ hangover?

I am extremely thankful that ‘Tum Hi Ho’ has touched so many hearts and has changed my life as well, but I don’t want it to define my me or my music. But I guess it’s not something that I can avoid completely. However, my other songs in the past have also made a huge remark, like songs from ‘Anwar’, ‘Muder 2’ and ‘Bas Ek Pal’. My aim right now is to make music that will let people forget the past and get hooked on to new ones.

Some of your singing rituals are...
It’s very important for me to be in my zen mode and be at peace. Crowded and noisy environments disturb me and I won’t be able to concentrate. I make sure that I follow my pattern so that all of this falls in place. So it depends on the time I have my breakfast, make sure the car is driven in a particular way and follow a particular speed. I get anxious when things don’t fall in place; it does not set well for me internally.

Are you a romantic person? 

My friends tell me that I’m completely opposite to what my music sounds like. They say that I’m a dry person to be around. But I do try to improve. Unfortunately, the expressions come out on when I’m making my music.  

Any international collaborations you’re looking forward to?

I would love to work with Istanbul clarinet player, Hüsnü Şenlendirici. I’m not sure how it’s going to be happen practically, but would love to see how that goes.

Ever thought of acting — even if it’s a musical?

Oh, I don’t believe that I have any skills in acting (laughs).

Were you a naughty kid growing up?

Actually, not at all. My mom grew up in a convent boarding school, so our home was a reflection of that lifestyle. But I have no regrets.

If you were on a merry-go-around, which song would you be singing? 

It would have to be ‘Lakdi Ki Kaathi, Kaathi Pe Ghoda’ from ‘Masoom’.

Describe your sound in five words.

Honest, imperfect, minimalistic, serene and pure.