City teen offers travel solution during odd-even rule

City teen offers travel solution during odd-even rule

Beneficial scheme

With the Delhi’s government’s odd-even scheme proving to be a success, and many commuters opting for car pooling options, Akshat Mittal, a student of Amity International School, Noida recently launched, a website that helps Delhiites “search commute partners”.

“Right after Mr (Arvind) Kejriwal announced implementation of the odd-even rule, I thought there must be many people going in the same direction or same place, but are completely unaware. So, I thought of connecting them through this website,” Mittal, who has been coding since he was in Class 6, tells Metrolife. Launched nearly three weeks back, the site has seen more than 50,000 registrations so far, including by over 150 companies.

All that interested users need to do is fill in basic information such as name, car’s registration number (odd/even), phone number, gender, destination details (to and from) and start time. Users can opt for a one-way trip or even a return journey. The site also gives users the option to fill in their preferences for a person they would like to commute with, and the platform shows suitable mat-ches. The site also flashes car’s with what registration number can ply a particular day. “Today is odd day, car number with last digit 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 will be allowed on the road,” it says.

While there are many car pooling websites and applications available, Mittal says, “No car pooling website had the option of odd-even rule and commuter preferences, I was the first one to introduce that”. The class 8 student, who draws inspiration from Steve Jobs - the late co-founder of Apple Inc., is ecstatic that his efforts have received accolades not only from public, but even the authorities.

“I have received a lot of appreciation emails stating that people are able to find commuter matches through this platform. People have requested me to add missing locations. Also, I have got appreciation from both Delhi chief minister and the transport minister for this,” he says.

So, what’s next? “I am learning to integrate Adhaar card information, and we also plan to add more security features. Also, right now site is only from point to point travel, but we need to add in-transit car pool also.”