A play of emotions

A play of emotions

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A play of emotions

A political satire  ‘Tadroopi’ will be staged on January 8, 7.30 pm at Ranga Shankara.
The play is written by Prasanna and directed by Joseph John.

It was written during Emergency time and is a powerful play ridiculing dictatorship and corruption in society.

 The play has effectively conveyed the ways and means of a dictator and shows how he utilises an impersonation done by a group of frauds.

He puts an end to fraudsters and effectively uses the look-alikes to catch his detractors.
The play also shows the emotions and loneliness of dictators and how they try to keep up to a larger-than-life image built to protect and boost their ego.

 Ridiculing how power is thrust upon certain people just because certain members in their family are associated with power, the script is seen relevant even to the
present times.

The play will be presented by Sanchaya, an amateur theatre group.
Tickets are available on www.bookmyshow.com