Jayadeva to function in Kalaburagi from March

Jayadeva to function in Kalaburagi from March

The 100-bed Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research Centre Hospital at Kalaburagi will start functioning from March, Institute director Dr C N Manjunath said here on Tuesday.

Dr Manjunath, who visited the city branch at K R Hospital, said that the Kalaburagi hospital will be equipped with a cardiology and cardio-surgery facilities.

Speaking about the rise in heart-related ailments, Dr Manjunath said, “By 2030, one in three deaths in India will be due to cardiac-related ailments.”

Diabetes is one of the major contributing factors that affects heart health, other than a sedentary lifestyle and other factors, he added. It is important to have a regular exercise regimen and undergo health checkups at least once in six months. Avoid fried items and foods with high cholesterol levels, he said.

Centre head Dr Sadanand, Dr Harsha Basappa, and Superintendent  Lobo were among those present on the occasion.