Taking up challenges

Taking up challenges

Dedicated star

Taking up challenges

Bubbly and high-spirited actress Amulya puts her best to every role that she takes up and it is this dedication that has brought her so far in the Kannada film industry. With her latest film ‘Madhuveya Mamatheya Kareyole’ (MMK) having hit the screens today, the actress is excited and says that the audience would love the movie and her avatar in it.

“I play a very different character in this movie — a tomboy — which the audience does not expect from me,” she says. Amulya says that her role was challenging as she had to ride a Bullet in the movie. “I wasn’t even sure about it in the beginning but I knew I wanted to take up the challenge. I had other projects on hand, and I was worried if I would hurt myself in the process. But I still managed to ride the bike and am glad I did,” she says with a smile.

She vouches that everything about her character has something new to it. “From my makeup to my look in the movie, from the costumes to my screen presence, everything about the film is unique. The storyline is a simple one, but has a fresh twist to it,” says the star. She adds that the comical touch to every scene also made a difference. “The humour which is clean, adds the perfect flavour to the movie.”

Ask her what the audience can expect from the movie and she says, “Kaviraj sir’s direction and lyrics are to watch out for. Also, the songs have clicked well with the audience and are a hit already.” Amulya feels that the movie will connect with everyone as it has content for the family audience.

     “The story has elements which any individual will relate to. ‘MMK’ has a story which everyone will see a bit of themselves in.”

Though Amulya portrays a tomboyish character in the movie, she tried to depict the role in a subtle manner. “Most people expect me to be seen in roles where I have to make sweeping dialogues and have a dramatic presence. But here I have tried my best to not exaggerate any dialogues. The dialogues are not in-the-face in ‘MMK’.” Amulya sought voice culture to improve her voice and says that it sounds better now. “After watching the movie, I’ve got feedback that the dubbing has come out well.”

The team of ‘MMK’ has been more than supportive and friendly, she says. “After most projects, everyone tends to move on and not necessarily stay in touch with all the artistes involved in the movie. But here, Dinakar sir and everyone is like family. It has been a fun family affair.”

     About her co-star Suraj Gowda, she says, “Despite being a fresh face, the confidence and openness he has for every bit of criticism is remarkable.” She says that she can only remember fun times on the sets. “There was not one bit of stress on the sets of ‘MMK’.”

Having been in the industry for a while, she says that her journey from a child artiste till now has been nothing less than exciting. “I have learnt a lot and I want to keep pushing myself to do more than what the audience expects from me. That is exactly what has happened to me with ‘MMK’.”