Mother, 2-year-old rescued from lift

Mother, 2-year-old rescued from lift

A two-year-old girl and her mother were rescued after they were stuck in the lift of an apartment near Sarjapura on Thursday morning.

The Fire and Emergency personnel said that around 8.30 am, they received a distress call and were told that two persons were stuck in the lift at the Srinivasa Vaibhava apartment. The fire force personnel rushed to the spot.

 Preliminary investigations revealed that due to a technical snag, the lift got stuck on the fourth floor of the building, trapping Bhanu, 27 and her daughter Nishani.

Bhanu and her daughter took the lift to reach the ground floor but something went wrong with the lift which stopped.

According to the police, several residents, who tried to operate the lift realised that it was stuck and could hear Bhanu shouting.

They alerted the security guard and the other neighbours who informed the fire personnel.

They, along with the lift mechanics, managed to rescue both the mother and daughter, said the police.