On Day 2, thick morning fog delays 63 flights at KIA

On Day 2, thick morning fog delays 63 flights at KIA

On Day 2, thick morning fog delays 63 flights at KIA

For the second straight day, thick early morning fog affected the schedule of flights departing from and landing at the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) here on Sunday.

As many 47 departures, including both international and domestic flights, and 16 arrivals were delayed, said a KIA spokesperson.

Delayed international departures included a British Airways flight to Heathrow (London) and an Indigo flight to Dubai.

In addition, two cargo flights had to be diverted to Chennai due to drop in runway visibility range.

Some of the flights were delayed for as long as two hours. While operations started after 6.47 am, delays continued due to the congestion caused by the earlier delayed flights.
Satish C, who was travelling to New Delhi by an early morning Jet Airways flight, said the departure was delayed by two hours.

“Stuck inside Jet Airways flight from 2 hours. Lesson of the day – never take early morning flight during winter,” he said.

On Saturday, 36 arrivals and several departures were delayed. The delays, however, have been taking place for several days now as the mercury started dipping.

Moin Ali, who travelled to the airport on January 5 to see off his mother, said: “We started for the airport around 4.30-5 am and the visibility was certainly low. Luckily, there was no delay in case of my mother’s flight. A colleague of mine who took a flight last Friday was not so lucky. He had to wait for more than three hours.”
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