House of waffles

House of waffles

Friendly ambience

House of waffles

A warm aroma clings to the air, and the sweet swirls beckon passers-by with their tantalising flavours. Once caught, you can’t help but pause at the entrance of ‘Waffle Stories’ to savour the scent. Only after satiating your lungs can you walk in to order. Fitted nice and tightly between concrete blocks on Brigade Road, it has an assortment of soft and fluffy waffles that could make your day.

Started by two young entrepreneurs — Divya Jagadesh and Pranitha Kalasa — the waffle house is a nice place to grab a bite to eat, quick or relaxed. The seating in itself could make you order — one-seater and two-seater swings hang from the walls, replacing chairs, and you can swing lightly as you cut the waffles. Don’t mind if they squeak occasionally, they are meant to be swung.

Orange, white and black are the dominant colours of the interiors and minimalism prevails. A small space, it doesn’t feel too cramped (though it might look it at first) and it’s more than sufficient to have a couple of laughs with your companions. You could even walk in alone and not feel the judgemental stares that stop you from eating out alone otherwise.

The menu includes fixed recipes and make-it-yourself selections. Toppings for the waffles range from the classic maple syrup to Snicker bars, Kit Kat pieces, Gems, ice cream scoops, Nutella and exotic fruits. So, if you are feeling creative, pick and choose from the variety and make your own tasty combination. But the pre-fixed menu isn’t bad either, with delights like ‘Snicker Kicker’, ‘Choco Eclair’, ‘Double Scoop Sundae’, ‘Mocha’, ‘Butterscotch Sundae’, ‘Strawberry Delight’, ‘Lemon Fresh’, ‘Very Berry’, ‘Fruit Exotica’ and more.

If you love chocolate, the ‘Belgian Classic’ or ‘Kit Kat Waffles’ is worth a try. And you can’t go wrong when you add bananas to waffles. Each item is priced reasonably so it’s hard not to get indulgent.

‘Waffle Stories’ is located at 25, lower ground floor, opposite Vero Moda, Brigade Road; for details, contact 9916992866 or 9008175321.