RGUHS plans cells to monitor affiliated institutions

RGUHS plans cells to monitor affiliated institutions

The Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) is planning to constitute cells to  monitor, grade and improve the quality of its affiliated institu


The cells, which will be called - Institutional Quality Monitoring Cell (IQMC) - aim “to transform the academic ecosystem and create a supportive milieu for quality practices. The initiative also aims to sustain the efforts for academic quality and establish a quality network, with the University as the hub, and the affiliated institutions as its nodes.”

A circular issued by the University has asked all the affiliated institutions to form core committees by February 5, to establish the IQMC, with the head of the institution as the cell’s chairperson and a senior faculty, as its convener.

Speaking with Deccan Herald, Dr K S Ravindranath, Vice-Chancellor of the RGUHS, said that the University was yet to identify colleges which were performing well and those colleges which require support to improve their performance. The categorisation of the institutions into performing and non-performing colleges was also being planned, the Vice Chancellor added.

“This is a way of monitoring the performance of the colleges and also grade them according to their performance and also, ensure that these colleges can upgrade themselves to improve their performance. For example, colleges categorised into grade ‘B’ can be upgraded to grade ‘A’ by ensuring quality in various activities like teaching, research, infrastructure,” explained Ravindranath.

The Medical Council of India (MCI) is in charge of recognition of medical educational institutions and the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) conducts accreditation.

Several institutions have independently gone for NAAC accreditation. However, the NAAC alone cannot ensure quality, he said, and added that many colleges which come under the University were following the prescribed guidelines.

When the head of a reputed medical college in the City was asked how such a measure would help his institution, he said “The University has taken more than it can handle.

There are so many colleges and so many branches. Due to staff crisis, the University is finding it difficult to even conduct examinations. I wonder how such an initiative will be taken forward.”