Add that pop of colour, bling to your homes

Add that pop of colour, bling to your homes

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The New Year is the perfect time to brighten up homes, declutter spaces and introduce a new, trendy look – simply because change is not bad. And experts tell Metrolife that 2016 will be the year of multifunctional designs, bright upholstery fabrics and exotic forms of furniture.

*Hot new colours:

“The colour for 2016 is white,” says Bhawna Sharma, director of Artius Interiors, which specialises in engineered woods. “It is the perfect backdrop. White shows the artwork, doors, windows and architectural details better than any other colour. It is also the best compliment to highlight the graphics, patterns and rugged textures,” she adds.

The idea is to keep the base colour combination of the house white and bright, while avoiding too much of colours like gold and silver to ensure a “little pop of colour, a dash of bling and play with textures” that can jazz up your place instantly.

Neetu Arora, owner and ace designer, IVY Concepts says, “A neutral shade sofa can be instantly be turned vibrant by placing soft multicoloured cushions. A fur throw pillow may be added during winter to give it a warm and comfy look.”

Agrees Leila Erfan, creative director, Aria Interior Design and says, “Bring the festive season colour to your home and let the shades of red cherry play with green pine tree around your house.” However, Jasleen Chalotra, stylist and interior designer, Design Essence, mentions, “A bright fuchsia pink can be a part of your formal drawing room, coffee chair or an eclectic aubergine can adorn a fascinating look on your entrance wall.”
n Bring the outdoors in: People crave for natural materials in their interiors, and wood, stone, brick are great way to do so. “Let your décor this New Year be fresh. From woods and metallics, to stones and fabrics, the emphasis is on incorporating natural
elements to your design,” avers Erfan. Sharma adds, “Use natural stone or even concrete on a backsplash”. 

*Functional decorative objects:
“There will be absolutely no room for ‘used less items’,” says Chalotra while mentioning that it is important to possess those pieces of accessories which are in accordance to the time and space of one’s life. Upcycling is another way to go about. Available in styles and different patterns, upcycled fabric can add both texture and colour to a space, whether it is a hanging wall art or a new headboard cover.
“Textile has far more uses than simply covering your pillows. If you want to add life to your white walls, try wallpapering your walls with fabric. Placing fabric on your walls is a simple process, as a matter of fact, it is just like wallpapering except you are using fabric and starch which allows you to easily remove and reuse as needed,” mentions Ankita Dabas Kohli, co-founder,

*Play with furniture:
Take a risk with your concept and form of the furniture, and develop something uncommon yet comfortable that fits in your space and looks sophisticated. While according to Sharma, eco-friendly wooden system with “superior design and functionality” would be the new opulence for the year, Kohli says, “multifunctional furniture offers many benefits”. “They maximize space; you don’t have to hire a contractor to knock down walls or add on to your home to get more space. Storage beds which help to reduce clutter by providing a compartment for personal items like clothing and shoes are here to stay,” mentions Kohli.

*Set up the room with lighting:
While picture lights emphasise on the paintings over which they are hung, creating a light and shadow effect, big chandeliers give it a grandeur look and can be selected according to the furniture theme. “Antique candle brass shaped chandeliers add an old world charm when paired with Victorian furniture. Swarovski crystal chandeliers go well with modern furniture while Murano glass chandeliers create an atmosphere of opulence and go well with Moroccan Mediterranean themed decor,” describes Arora.

Small-sized chandeliers provide elegance to powder rooms. “Even walk-in closets go upscale when lit with a small chandelier,” says Kohli.