Invention of medicine to cure greed, need of the hour: Hegde

Invention of medicine to cure greed, need of the hour: Hegde

'There isn't much difference between corruption and deadly epidemic'

Invention of medicine to cure greed, need of the hour: Hegde

Former Lokayukta Justice N Santosh Hegde on Sunday said invention of a medicine to cure greed was the need of the hour, as it was the root of corruption and also spread discontentment, a serious disorder.

Speaking at the 105th diabetes awareness camp, organised by Kaveri Diabetic Foundation in association with Kaveri Charitable Trust, at Kalamandira here, Hegde said “Discontentment in life means the person is in trouble.”

Drawing a comparison between corruption and deadly epidemic, Hegde pointed out scams like Bofors, Commonwealth Games and 2G spectrum that rocked the country.

The greedy politicians had not even spared drinking water and had looted crores of rupees. While the rich and powerful are recognised and treated with respect there is no value for the honest people. The generation next should be taught to develop humanitarian values and to shun corrupt ways, he stressed.

Speaking about diabetes awareness, Hegde said the Centre and State governments had failed to take measures against controlling diabetes, which is the second most common lifestyle disease. Hegde, himself a diabetic, said he was diagnosed of the same 32 years ago and had succeeded in keeping it under control, following medical advice.

Scion of royal family of Mysuru Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, who also participated, said, “Out of six diabetics in the world, one will be Indian. Hence, it is necessary to create awareness on controlling diabetes, which leads to complications if neglected.

A book on preventing diabetes, written by Ramachandra, was released on the occasion. Kaveri Diabetic Foundation president K Ramchandra, Dr K Krishnamurthy, Dr C R Chandrashekar and others were present.