For winter-perfect hair and skin

For winter-perfect hair and skin

The winter blues are again there to disturb our skin and tresses. And in the attempt to treat them, we tend to use expensive products available in the market, which are filled with harmful chemicals and further deplete our hair and skin quality.

So in order to naturally take care of yourself in winters, Metrolife presents you a few beauty tips by Dr Meghna Gupta, cosmetic dermatologist and beauty expert and director at Delhi Skin Centre.

While the ‘BB’ and ‘CC’ creams have been two popular products for skin care, we now also have ‘DD’ creams available in the market. According to Gupta, “they are a
must try”.

“The DD creams stand for daily defence, dynamic do-all or dermatologically defining, that does all the work for your skin,” she says.

Along with these newly available DD creams, she also believes that herbal products are amongst other necessities during the winter season. Many a times we notice itchiness and redness on our skin which is generally caused by cosmetic products that we use.

Dr Gupta says that herbal products are skin friendly, contain no chemicals and are made up of pure minerals and vitamins that are essential for your skin. “Other cosmetic products may carry really harmful chemicals for instant results which are not only harmful for skin but for health also,” she adds.

For fighting winter dryness, she suggests some do-it-yourself home remedies for skin. These remedies, she says, would not only make your skin and scalp healthy, but would also preserve them from damage in future.

“You can use honey packs and egg whites as one of the suitable home remedies during winter. Honey packs are a natural moisturiser that pampers your skin and nourishes your hair naturally and egg whites work as an anti-aging treatment that cures common skin problems like blackheads, acnes, wrinkles and oily skin. You can also use them for lustrous and heavy hair,”she elucidates.

In the meantime, hair-loss is something that dreads everyone, irrespective of the season. But now, hair transplant is not the only solution left.

“One can also have Mesotherapy, a baldness treatment which allows both men and women with hair re-growth via gun injection. It involves the use of a revitalizing serum that initiates hair growth and lessens hair fall simultaneously. The therapy is a faster, effective and less painful treatment that offers a permanent solution for hair loss,” says Dr Gupta.