'Respect Constitution, work for socio-economic-political equality'

'Respect Constitution, work for socio-economic-political equality'

Gap between the rich and poor is only widening: Minister

'Respect Constitution, work for socio-economic-political equality'

Revenue and District In-charge Minister V Srinivas Prasad, on Tuesday, suggested a five-point formula to follow the principles of the Constitution.

Addressing the gathering during the 67th Republic Day celebrations, organised at Torchlight Parade Grounds, in Bannimantap here, the minister suggested that service-oriented politics should be introduced, followed by dedicated service by government servants, respect for law of the land, development of youth power and inculcating of patriotism among the people.

The minister said, if service-oriented politics is effected, it will compel the elected representatives to work honestly towards the development of the country.

“Government servants, both State and Central, should work for social justice, complying with the Constitution. One should understand that ‘freedom of expression’ assumes significance in the Constitution rather than intolerance. By respecting Constitution, one should work towards social, economical and political equality. B R Ambedkar drafted the Constitution with the sole intention of promoting equality for all. However, even after six decades of adopting the Constitution, the gap between the rich and poor is only widening, owing to social malaises. The need of the hour is to check financial inequality, otherwise, the affected lot may bulldoze democracy,” he said.


Following a general security alert, sounded across the nation, the ceremony was observed amid heavy police security. Gun totting personnel of Chamundi, a special commando force drawn out of city armed reserve (CAR) police force, were keeping a vigil along with regular police bandobust.