'Gyms focus on the complete well-being of a person'

'Gyms focus on the complete well-being of a person'

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Fitness, which was earlier considered about the muscular physique of a person, is now all about keeping yourself fit, according to Ashish Gupta, fitness expert and director, Gold’s Gym.

He says that the definition for fitness has changed of over the years. “For me fitness is very simple and measurable. If you can an uphill without panting, you are fit,” he says.

Along with fitness, even gyms today are experiencing a change, where going to the gym is much more than working out on machines.

“Now gyms focus on the complete well-being of a person, and not just body building. The notion that gyms were only meant for professionals doesn’t exist now, and today every single person who wants to be fit can access them,” Gupta tells Metrolife.

“People are aware of their mind, body and soul. So, a good gym will fit your own distinctive persona, and will inspire you to come back and exercise on a regular basis,” he adds.

The fitness industry overall, has evolved in the past few years and has become more organised, reports Gupta. With new start-ups coming up, the industry has expanded further. Numerous apps and services provided on platforms like Urban Clap, Local Oye and Find Yaha, allow one to book training classes and sessions online, search for the best trainer according to the personal preferences and much more.

However, despite these facilities, many people find it difficult to keep fit and continue to workout during winter. But Gupta says that winter is “in fact, the best time to keep fit.”
“Weather in winter is perfect to be outdoors. It’s our laziness which keeps us indoors. Lay yourself up and go for a jog,” he boosts.

Making it easier for those who believe that a rigorous workout on all days is crucial to keep fit, Gupta informs that our muscles need rest, so even if we workout for four days a week for an hour, it’s good enough. But that one hour should be only intense workout, alerts Gupta.

Also, numerous myths exist about gym workouts, the most common being that one gains weight immediately after leaving the gym.

“The concept of gym is very simple. It helps you boost your metabolism to burn excess fat and weight. So if you keep on consuming the same amount of calories while you stop working out, the weight is bound to come back. This happens with all the sports as well,” he clarifies.

Meanwhile, he gives some do-it-yourself fitness tips for readers to have their own style of exercise so that they can maintain a balanced mixture of cardio and strength

“Your intake of calories and fat should be less than what you burn. Apart from that, funk up your workout by adding a lot of group classes such as yoga, bhangra or core training for twice a week, and combine strength training for the rest of the days.”