A case for men's handbags

A case for men's handbags

Why can't men carry men's purses or satchels? Don't they have stuff to carry around?

I have a strong feeling that ladies handbag is a conspiracy against womankind. It’s a contraption to make women lug stuff around. To that end, it's been so successfully glamorised and projected as a must-have accessory that women pine to own not just one, but several of them and are ready to pay a bomb for them too. They gladly tote big versions at the risk of injuring their arms, neck and shoulders.

I agree, it’s a need based thing. Men have pockets. Women have bags. All fair there but as one gets out of single life, a man's pockets are still for himself while a woman's handbag becomes a free for all. All things that a man can't carry in his pockets, find a respite in the lady’s bag. Picture a family outing. Dad is hands free whereas Mom is saddled with a bag. Let's have a look inside this bag. Hankies or tissues, a little snack, a bottle of water, coupons for shopping, house keys, shopping bags (if she is a green person like me), a pen, a little notebook, sanitiser, safety pin, an umbrella (depends on weather), charger, a band-aid and what not! Of course her wallet, phone and makeup also manage to find a place in it.

During my student days, when my class went to an industrial trip, there was a guy who carried a camera around. He would always request a girl in the group to put his camera in her bag. To carry a backpack for a camera was just too much work and it was convenient to pop it inside the nearest available bag and who else would be carrying a bag but a lady in the group!

In Singapore, I spotted a guy holding his girlfriend's bag. Over my few days’ stay there, this was a recurring sight. I found it to be very endearing. If men didn’t carry their own bags, they were at least ready to give respite to their better halves. They did it with quite an aplomb too. But back home, if you ask your worse half to carry your handbag for a while, he would consider it no less than an act of hara-kiri. He would look around furtively lest he is caught red-handed by an acquaintance, then grudgingly carry it for the minimal possible time and dump it back on you like a sack of hot potatoes at the next opportune moment.

Why can’t men carry men’s purses or satchels? Yeah, men’s bags are available in store shelves but are quite a rarity on men’s shoulders. Don’t they have stuff to carry around? Ladies, why don’t we encourage menfolk to carry their own bags? I am quite looking forward to the day when I am not carrying a bag and still, all my stuff is accessible because my husband is carrying one. Time for some sweet revenge! If you are looking for a gift for your beloved this Valentine’s month, do consider a men’s bag for the man in your life. Trust me, you will thank me for it and so might he!

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