In a first, top panel to assess IAS, IPS officers

In a first, top panel to assess IAS, IPS officers

For the first time in their careers, performance of All India Service (AIS) officials in Karnataka will come under close scrutiny when the committee headed by Chief Secretary Arvind Jadav meet on February 22 and 23.

Assessment of close to 200 officials from the pool of 518 AIS that include IAS, IPS and Indian Forest Service (IFS) - who have completed 15 years and 25 years of service or those who have attained 50 years will be done as per the instructions given by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) in 2012 by the then UPA government.

Officers found inefficient or those whose integrity is doubtful, can be removed from the service by serving a three-month notice, according to Rule 16(3) the amended All India Service (Death cum Retirement Benefits) Rules, 1958.

It is, however, unlikely that any officer from the State cadre will face such an extreme action at the first review meeting on Monday as the Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) hardly finds a mention of any inefficient officer or anyone’s integrity is doubtful based on which the assessments are made by the committee. “It is difficult to remove people as almost everyone gets a decent rating and compassion come into play,’’ says a senior serving IAS officer.

As performance assessments are based on APARs, anyone consistently getting a poor rating for five to seven years, could be asked to take compulsory retirement.

Another officer says that reporting officers restrain from giving a poor rating or writing doubtful integrity as they need to establish why the officer is iefficient or their integrity is doubtful.

“In case someone’s integrity is not certified by the reporting officer, they have to give an additional note as to why they think a particular officer’s integrity is doubtful. So it is rare to find a such note,’’ another officer said.

“Even if an officer is known to be corrupt, I will be cautious and make sure that he doesn’t do any mischief. But to record that someone’s integrity is doubtful, I need to have a solid evidence.’’ he explained.

After observing that reporting officials are not making clear and categorical report on officers’ integrity, the DoPT on Tuesday issued a fresh circular to maintain a secret diary to make note of the officers’ doubtful integrity that could be attached with the APAR.