Spruce the bedroom right

Spruce the bedroom right

Spruce the bedroom right

Your bedroom can be seen as an extension of your personality. So, why not let it reflect the real you? By choosing the right accessories and furniture, you can do it so easily, avers A Dyuti.

Emphasising that the bedroom’s focal point is the bed is stating the obvious! Sure, you’ve selected one with great care. But, have you ever paid attention to other accessories to spruce up the bedroom? Do they uplift your room in any way? If you are intending to beautify your bedroom with  accessories, here are a few guidelines for you to consider:
The right proportionAvoid a mismatch of accessories and artefacts with the bedroom’s overall theme and scale. In other words, all the elements that are in your bedroom should be in proportion to each other — that is the size of the bed, furniture and accessories should be in proportion to the size of the room.

And if your room has a monochromatic scheme, break it with some contrasting
elements. However, ensure that it is not garish in nature. Likewise, don’t go on a contrasting spree. Plus, clutter and shabbiness nullify tastefully chosen accessories and furniture.

Clutter-free space

Having a bedside table is mandatory. If storage is your priority, choose one with drawers. Keep it simple with a one-drawer stand or if you are confident of maintaining an uncluttered space, go in for bedside tables that have open shelves. Today, there’s a wide variety of bedside tables available in the market. These range from classic to contemporary and uber chic designs. Choose the one that will gel best with the bedroom’s overall decor theme.

Some of the tables that you can choose from include a minimalist design in wood, a rustic cut, a round-topped one with a wrought metal base, a table with vinyl panelling for the drawers, a low night-table, a box night-table or a plain-topped one with slim legs. Remember, the table should be spacious enough to accommodate a few books and a night lamp.

Clocks are bedside table denizens since time immemorial. However, a Zen bedroom recommends dismissal of electronic items from the bedroom for undisturbed sleep. Also, ensure your desks and/or bedside tables don’t court countless knickknacks, office-files, pens, stationery or toys. Retain only the most indispensable objects on your bedside-table — a book, pen and a glass of water, perhaps.

To enhance storage space in a loft bedroom, supplement beds with drawers,
ottomans and plain steel racks to place wicker baskets on. Don’t ruin the contemporary look with conventional, heavy furniture. Skylights can help bring the natural light inside. Supplement with accent lighting in contemporary style.

Bespoke lighting

Apart from the bedside lamp, ceiling lamps, floor lamps and accent lighting for your bedroom, any artfully designed piece is recommended. Do select a unique bedside-lamp. Designers today even use lowly-hung little chandeliers to act as bedside-lamps. Mini-chandeliers can also be hung over the bedroom.

Vintage-style table-lamp, ripple-glass lampshade with dangling crystals, contemporary lamps in a crystal urn or metal band designs or marble and rectangular shades made of linen are only a few examples from an enormously wide range of table lamps and lampshades that are available for your bedside table. However, going for creative
designs for all your bedroom lights is sheer overkill.

Decorative wall space

Canvas art posters, wall-stickers and wallpaper are some ideas for decorating the wall area above the bed’s headboard. Grouping small artwork pieces together could work. But, a huge, single work is recommended for that breathtaking effect. You could also pick other pieces like ornate mirrors, tapestries, quilts and architectural trim for this area.

An excellent alternative to artwork would be a photo wall, which is a well-chalked out display of multiple photographs. Display photographs along the window’s top level all along the bedroom walls. Print only copies for display, retaining the originals safely. The quality should be good enough to allow blowing up of the photographs. You could easily heighten your photographs’ beauty using image-manipulation software.

Black frames ally best with black and white photographs. If you’re choosing coloured ones, coordinate or contrast them with the wall colour. Using mats for display facilitates constant changing of photographs. If natural light is scarce, make up with enhanced accent lighting like wall sconces.

A romantic touch

Hooks and hangers, candles and tea lights in charming designs and shapes, uniquely  designed mirrors and vases, photo-frames, bookends and bookcases are other accessories to adorn your bedroom with.

While candles undoubtedly lend a romantic ambience, scented ones can emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. So, make do with soy candles or burn beeswax instead. Leaving the window slightly open is another safety measure to adopt while the candle is burning. Chaise lounges, ottomans or bean bags could serve as supplementary furniture.
A stylish canopy, a colourful throw blanket folded up and placed at the foot of the bed, toss pillows and bolster cushions spice up the bed. An area-rug and/a carpet are other accessories to be selected with care. Spread the area-rug underneath the bed such that a substantial part of it is visible beyond the bed’s edges.

Flaunt the knick-knacks

Put up some personal knick-knacks for display since the bedroom is your own intimate space in the house. Place an indoor plant where it doesn’t obstruct foot-traffic. But, water the plant only when the surface of the soil is dry. Else, over watering and stagnating water in an under-tray will breed mould spores that can trigger off allergies.

With the right planning and choosing the right accessories, your bedroom can turn into something that you have perhaps always dreamt of!

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