Kalam's adviser floats political party

Kalam's adviser floats political party

Kalam's adviser floats political party

Scientific adviser to late President APJ Abdul Kalam today floated a political outfit "Abdul Kalam Vision India Party."

Talking to reporters here, V Ponraj said his party would contest in all the 234 constituencies in the coming assembly polls in Tamil Nadu.

He said it was floated to create a 'new history' and fulfill the dreams of youth and students who were expecting a "silent revolution and change in Indian politics."

With the launch of the party, Tamil Nadu was ready for not only political revolution, but also intellectual revolution, he said.

Recalling how the floods in 2015 united the youth and students of Chennai city, he claimed when the government failed to rescue the people from the devastation caused by floods, it was the youths who saved thousands of people.

"This awakening among the youths, during floods, will bring a change in the political arena of the state," he said.

The party would train youths for 15 days and make them contest in the coming assembly elections.

Ponraj launched the party after offering homage to Abdul Kalam at his burial site.

However, Kalam's elder brother APJ Muthumeeran Lebbai Maraicair told reporters that his late brother was against starting any political outfit and never been interested in politics.

Ponraj compared the present attitude of the youths in the state to the one that prevailed when Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan wanted a political revolution to take place in the country to wipe out corruption and oppression.

Every youth is yearning for a change in the state as their expectation for good governance has failed, he claimed.

He addressed a brief meeting from a mobile platform in a lorry, when he launched the party.

Members of Kalam's family said Ponraj could not meet Kalam's elder brother to seek his blessings, as he was asleep at that time.