No love lost for Adele

No love lost for Adele

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No love lost for Adele

Many singers have sung title songs for various bond films, but Adele’s number for Skyfall reverberated across the world. Her second album, 21, released in 2011, saw international success.

And now, 25 is the third studio album by the British singer and songwriter. The title is a reflection of her life and frame of mind when she was 25. She is now 27. Powerful vocals is the USP of the album in addition to diversity and variety in the genres.

The opening song, “Hello” is embellished with mournful piano chords building into soaring vocals to bring out the drama of lost love (Hello, it’s me, I was wondering If after all these years you’d like to meet to go over everything/ They say that time’s supposed to heal, yeah/ But I ain’t done much healing.)

“Send My Love” is a song in the classic pop style with contribution by Swedish producer Max Martin, the man behind the success of Britney Spear and Taylor Swift. “When We Were Young” has rousing piano effect. It is a reflective song about the glorious moments of the past. “Love in the Dark” is a mournful piano ballad — a breakup song with poetic lyrics lamenting that she is “Oceans Apart” from her lover.

“Million Years Ago” is a song that appeals with the universality of its lyrics and is an emotional and nostalgic song about the days gone past (Yeah, I miss my friends, I miss my mother, I miss it when, / life was a party to be thrown, / but that was a million years ago). “All I Ask”, featuring Bruno Mars, is a song that expresses her vulnerability.

Although sometimes compared with some great yesteryear vocalists, she has a unique style — Adele style.