Fast food and vegetarian delight

Fast food and vegetarian delight

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For a quick and satisfying experience with food during Navratra, Bhakti Arora of MasterChef India fame has shared a recipe Sabudana and Fruit Parfait. It is easy and also filling, for summers it is great because it is chilled. You just need sabudana and some fruits.

Arora, who is heading product division at Sattviko, a completely vegetarian restaurant, has thought of this recipe as the best compliment for Navratra. Based out of Hyderabad, Arora’s fascination and love towards cooking began at the tender age of 8 while helping her mom in the kitchen.

This was when she strengthened the basics of cooking. Arora also took a keen interest in replicating every new dish she tried while eating out and eventually after getting married, she took on a full-fledged role in the kitchen. Like any other cooking and baking enthusiast, Arora wanted to set up a business in food.

She launched a small startup from home catering to house parties in Mumbai, and even conducted workshops and participated in exhibitions to indulge her passion for the culinary arts. However, Arora got her first taste of fame as a strong contender in MasterChef India Season 4 and then she also co-hosted a cooking show on Star Plus Amul- The Taste of India alongside star Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

She specialises in vegetarian multi-cuisine cooking (Italian, Mexican, Asian and Mediterranean), Indian fusion, bread and baking and healthy cooking.

Recipe - Sabudana and Fruit Parfait

Ingredients (serves 4):

n Curd 500 gms
n Black Grapes Juice 100 ml
n Kiwi 2
n Black Grapes 250 gms
n Strawberries 250 gms
n Dried Apricots 100 gms
n Sabudana 1/2 cup
n Cinnamon powder 1/4 tsp
n Fine dermerara sugar 2 tbsp
n Cream (optional) 1 tbsp


n Hang the curd tied in a cotton muslin cloth for four to five hours or overnight. or until the curd is thick and all the whey is drained out.

n Soak sabudana pearls in water for 10 minutes, and then cook in boiling water until soft. After the sabudana pearls are cooked, run them under cold water to avoid from sticking together and keep aside to drain.

n Blend the hung curd with two tbsp sugar, 100 ml grape juice and the cream until it is smooth and absolutely creamy.  You can adjust the sugar as per your taste.

n Dice the fruits, cut grapes into halves and dice kiwi, apricot and strawberries into the same size pieces. Save two strawberries for final garnish.

n Now stir in one tsp sugar and 1/4 tsp cinnamon into the boiled sabudana kept aside

n In four mason jars or parfait glasses, layer sabudana and then layer cut fruits one after the other in alternate layers.

n Now pour the creamy yogurt over the fruit layer, cut the two strawberries into halves and arrange on the top with one to two slice of kiwi as garnish.

n Keep in the fridge for a couple of hours before indulging into the healthy deliciousness this Navratra.

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