Sai Baba on evil propensities

Sai Baba on evil propensities

Why is the world so chaotic? You’re right; people make it so. Puttaparthi Sathya Sai Baba said, “There are numerous faiths, sects, beliefs and practices prevalent among humankind. All these are products of human fancies. The Truth, however, is one. It does not differ from caste to caste or nation to nation or from time to time. It is not governed by time or place.

Evil propensities pop up unexpectedly even in those who practise self-control. The ego can just jump right up on its high horse and go galloping through peaceful neighbourhoods upsetting everyone. I am right, Ego says. You are wrong.

Nature also reflects One Truth until humankind meddles with it. Our Charming Sai noted, “Likewise, the basic elements – fire, air, water, etc – are universal in their nature – not varying according to community or place.

They belong to all. Likewise, Divinity is One and universal, but men are fragmenting it and experiencing it diversely.

“It is wrong to limit the Divine in terms of nation, caste, creed, place or time.” Daily, we see people claiming their “God” is better than someone else’s “God.” The idea of One divinity is still an alien concept for most. Bhagawan Sathya Sai said, “Take, for instance, the example of Krishna.

He was not the titular deity of Brahmins. Nor did he belong to the Kshatriyas. He was not the Lord of the Vaishyas. He was an incarnation, who appeared for the protection of the world. To claim that Krishna belonged to one or other group is only an index of petty possessiveness.

“Because the Yadavas boasted that Krishna belonged to their community, they ultimately destroyed themselves. The Divine belongs to everyone and is not the sole preserve of any one. There is only one God, but He manifests Himself in many forms to please different people.” Love yourself enough to wash away all evil propensities. Only then can you love others.

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