For a better world

For a better world

Caring for environment

For a better world

The one day when everyone cares for the Earth is finally here. Every year, billions of people across the globe come together to show support for environment protection. However, is one day enough to save our planet? 

While food delivery has become a part of one’s life today, the delivery companies are doing their best to bring out environment-friendly packaging to celebrate ‘Earth Day’ every day. Their idea is to reuse and recycle as much as possible to avoid wastage.

One of the delivery apps that have promoted this cause is ‘Zzungry’. While they use plastic bowls and containers to send in their food, they claim that these are environment-friendly. Subash Baliga, the co-founder, says, “We want people to avoid and rethink their usage of plastic as much as possible. So we use boxes to pack our food, instead of plastic covers. These are degradable boxes that can be recycled and  used later.”

There’s also ‘Chefkraft’, another food delivery app, that has introduced environment-friendly packaging. Mohit Mital, a partner at the firm, says, “We’ve started using glass bottles for our beverages instead of the plastic ones. We are also encouraging our customers to return the containers on their next order. This way, we can reuse and recycle them without having to produce more each time.”

While some of them are delivering packages to protect the Earth, some others are giving a small part of the Earth to their customers. ‘Chai Point’, has been using bagasse products (biodegradable fibre) for their plates and cups for a while now. Recently, they launched a new idea to show their care for the planet. Explaining the concept, the founder Amuleek Singh Bijral, says, “We have started giving free saplings to our customers as our contribution to foster green spaces in the city. Each sapling comes specially packaged in the cups we serve at some of our outlets in the city. We have also started using garbage bags that can be recycled as well.”

But one of the ground-breaking inventions for a better Earth is Narayana Peesapaty’s initiative with ‘Bakeys’ to create spoons that are made from millet, rice, and wheat for the consumers. He says, “Our mission is to provide innovative and effective alternatives to environmental problems, so we’ve introduced edible spoons. While there are chances of this breaking when you try to cut hard foods, it’s firm enough to stir the sugar in a hot cup of soup without wilting.” These spoons are said to be highly nutritious and have a shelf-life of 3 years.

With small groups such as these taking initiatives to make a better world for everyone, it’s now the customers’ turn to do their part.

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